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Artist: Busta Rhymes f/ DJ Khaled, J-Doe, Reek Da Villain
Album:  Catastrophic (Mixtape)
Song:   Catastrophe
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

At the end of our time
We've chosen to believe in each other
Today we face the monsters that are at our door!
Today we are cancelling the apocalypse!


Yeah, do you know who I am?
You know who I am, nigga?
Motherfucker named Reek the Villain, nigga
Where the fuck you been, under a rock, nigga?
The Conglomerate lead off nigga
They send these shits to me, nigga
I lead this shit, Buss finish it, but I lead this shit, man
Fuckin' cockroaches - fuckin' cockroaches


[Verse 1: Reek the Villain]
I said I'm dippin' in my low-low
Ridin' with that four-four
Pretty bitch beside me, all your bitches they be so-so
And I'm slingin' cocoa, got it for the low-low
Dudes I get my coke from be screamin' 'bout them locos
Know we keep it Trillville, all my niggaz real trill
Shout out to my homies in the feds, my nigga Real Nil
Roosevelt we G'd up, wildin' like we eat up
I'm the nicest nigga, Buss can go and kick his feet up
And let me take this over, let me get that dough up
I don't even drive no more, the boy be gettin' chauffeured
And this bitch she wear my chain, I'm feelin' like I'm Hova
And you used to be the man, now your shit is over, it's over

If you listening to this song right now, blessings
That means the world didn't end
But this shit is catastrophic
You test Conglomerate
The world gon' end
You test Busta Rhymes, Reek the Villain, J-Doe

[Verse 2: Busta Rhymes]
If you ain't know we hear to win, lethal like I'm heroin
Every time we come again, niggaz know we murderin'
Everything about y'all, bitch you know I don't care
Make my niggaz throw chairs, we ain't goin' nowhere
Bitch they love Busta, know they lovin' Busta
Your swag lackluster  matter of fact, fuck ya
Bitch I got a chauffeur, and a fuckin' butler
Pics of bitches givin' me head on Instagram and Tumblr
I don't need your number, throw 'em in the dumpster
When you get new money, bitch, you get a new type of hunger
Smokin' like a muffler, gettin' money like a hustler
I don't mean to be mean but I'll poke your spleen 'til the shit get ruptured

Don't play yourself
You know when you hear the icon, legend Busta Rhymes
You know what he does
You know how he does it, too
He shits on every verse
Shits on you
And finished you
This shit is catastrophic

[Verse 3: J-Doe]
How do I start this? Wanna say some hard shit
To show you I'm a artist, but this song is retarded
I can't think of nothin', but I gotta say somethin'
And since this track is bumpin', these ratchet hoes gon' love it
I be goin' crazy on these records every day
I'm getting' to the money every ma'fuckin' way
I let all these hoes come over but not one of them can stay
And this shit gon' never change 'til I'm old and I'm gray
Sit your ass down... and don't say nothin'
Better get excited when you see the don bumpin'
And to me it's like Christmas for these bitches they be blushin'
It's disgustin' how they love it but I ain't givin' 'em nothin'

More money, more problems
Same shit, just a different day
It's the end of the world every day
It's called survival
This shit is catastrophic
No room for the weak
The weak can suck a dick, and bow down
We the best
Shaheem Reid