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Artist: Busta Rhymes f/ Mike Epps
Album:  Back On My B.S.
Song:   I'm a Go and Get My...
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[Mike Epps]
Yeah, they call me P-Shake, I'm a number runner
And I just wanna let you know I'm gettin that +Arab Money+
I'm gettin that Chinese money
I'm gettin that motherfuckin British Columbia money
Nigga basically what I'm sayin, yo' dolla ain't shit~!
You feel me? And bullshit ain't nuttin but chewed up grass
and that's a big black ball that come out of a cow's ass
So the next time you see that annointed bitch you know
Bend her, spin her, and go up in her, and let her know
Bitch, there is no dinner
These are the reasons and these are the numbers that I got for ya
And it's 13.. 20.. 27.. 38
25, 27, 13, 20, 27th, 38's
Doo doo do do dooooooo

[Chorus 2X: Mike Epps]
I'ma go and get my +25+ over on +27th+
Be back in +13+ minutes or even +20+
Be back with +27+ niggaz with them +38's+
Doo doo do do dooooooo

[Busta Rhymes]
See there was this situation with a couple niggaz I was peepin
The way they was movin analyzin the shit they was doin in the club
Grillin and screwin they faces up
Front like they chillin and moved a couple bases up, playin me close
But I'm sayin we be in a spot 
celebratin somethin and probably makin a toast
Party 'til we probably shakin the coast
and hardly ever start a problem unless you gotta
I'm sayin we supposed to be enjoyin ourself nigga
Cause we entrepreneurs and guap connoisseurs employin ourself nigga
Exploitin my wealth with the company I keep
Until a hater came and got to annointin himself to be
the one to come in it, and had a couple dudes to support him
Actin all extra like he had the thing on him
Then after we finish beatin on him, now he know we ain't playin
That's when he walked away sayin


[Busta Rhymes]
Shit is really bug to me how some of these niggaz they be comin
and settin theyself up 'til you hit them and gettin theyself up
in these altercations they don't really be needin
Until it's too late, then they realize that a body part is bleedin
Instead of bein out and enjoyin the people
They be actin all tough, yappin and bluffin instead of bein peaceful
These partially thugs be spreadin like cancer
Frontin like gangsters until you bust they head now they lookin like dancers
While they leanin and they rockin with after
You could've avoided BEEF~! The shit is annoyin, CHIEF
Cause now you got the bouncer stoppin the door, killin
Nobody else is gettin in cause we moppin the floor wit'cha
Instead you could have came to party and BS and deaded the frontin
Bag you a chick, while you sippin on somethin
But instead you chose to do somethin that made us lump your shit up
for playin, now what the fuck is he sayin?


[Outro: Mike Epps]
Who did it?
Which one of y'all niggaz aimin at my motherfuckin..
where my earring at? Where my keys?
Why y'all them niggaz hit me in my motherfuckin jaw like that?
Where my keys at? Where my shoe?
I can't find my shoe, you hit me in the jaw nigga?
Is that the one? Nah, whassup though - how you doin?
Which one of y'all niggaz hit me in my jaw man?
How y'all conceal it? Somebody go call my girl
Somebody hit me in my jaw
I got Medicade nigga that's alright
Y'all hit me in my motherfuckin jaw like that
I tell y'all, y'all pussy, don't feel it
Nigga I got a brother that's a Crip
Nigga I got another brother that's a Blood
We gon' tear this motherfucker up y'all niggaz hit
Y'all done hit the wrong nigga now!!
Y'all hit the wrong nigga!!
Y'all gon' sit there and let.. I'ma sue this club!
I'm suin this muh'fuckin club cause y'all security guards
sit there and let them niggaz jump on me like that!