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Artist: Black Market Militia
Album:  Black Market Militia
Song:   Thug Nation
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[Intro: Killah Priest (Tragedy Khadafi)]
Yeah, knawhatimean, it's coming down like, that man
(What we gon' do, now, man)
Sorry to break up the radio, for a minute
(What the fuck we gon' do now, they hear now)
But it's gotta come down, it's gotta be real
We gotta come through to the heart (they back now)
And I wanna talk to the hoods right now
If you a thug and you real, muthafuckin' speak
(What the fuck ya'll gonna do now muthafuckas)

[Tragedy Khadafi]
I'm like Osama Hussein, hotter than the whole
Population control, I'm seein' soldiers fold
As I release the scroll, I spit perpendicular
Walkin' barefoot across peninsulas, freein' slaves and prisoners
Black Market Militia is revolution, the mission is
Free the minds of our listeners, resurrected with militance
We ain't beggin' politicians for nothing
Government funded, comin' gunnin' and stunnin', seein' the D's running
God bless us, Supreme Team, extreme measures
Max under mattress, C-4 in the dressers
The D's who wanna test us, and feds wanna arrest us
Fuck professers and their lectures, I'm talkin' to ancestors
True story, give the glory to God, receive the blessings
Made in an image, of his likeness, my true essence

[William Cooper]
I ride for the government, with clubs, and strugglin'
Come from street corners, where all day cracks be hustlin'
You can't come in, unless you got a warrant for the crib
I pay the bills for the crib, man, fuck the police field
I got names on bullets in the clip, the world ran by the rich
We drop the genes, that's it
Feel my aura as I walk with a millennium limp
Talk what I walk, just be do what I've been taught
See sirens show up, and now line 'em and chalk
O.G.'s show me the ropes, and day by day head of coke
Keep a ruger in my coat, and never ever sniff dope
Or watch your future go downhill like a ski slope, come on

[Chorus: Killah Priest]
My thug nation, let me break it down for you in lamen terms
Get what you can get now, before the plate burn
No, I'm not a minister, or we preach it to you
Oh, believe me, dog, I can see the future, get yours

[Timbo King]
Call me the black menace, slap niggaz like I'm playin' tennis
When shit pops off, it don't finish
Smoke in the air, you smellin' spinach
I'm sick in the head, I need a clinic, yeah, infinite
Cuz I rise without the finer thing, Lord of the Rings
Be them corner kings, wings of war, hoes klingons
So bring on your whole platoon, ya'll buffons
With a bunch of toons, need to retreat soon
Black therough, Black Othello, my click be the wild fellows
From the wildest ghettos, yeah
Armed with angels, protected by a guided light
Violent fights, U.S. and dirt eternal silent nigih

[Killah Priest]
Fuck it, George Bush is abominations
Spoken to us by the prophet Daniel
Here's some instruction for the hood, I wrote down
Call a project manual, rule 1: get arms
And don't share what's spoken up inside the circles
To outsiders, I don't know why, I know what I know is right
But trust me, dog, guide our providers, rule 2: find out who's who
See Judas hung around Jesus, you don't want the same thing to happen to you
Rule 3: fuck storing food, ask for nothing, take what you need
Reality, real warriors bleed, believe me, Ghetto Jesus
Seize this, rule 4: they are no more rules, Cash Rules
What you take us for? (That's Wu-Tang) Some muthafuckin' fools?
I got a celestial gun that clap off demons
Smash on the brakes, the devil hit the dashboard screamin'
I'm a manic depressin', I'm on paxel and zoloff
Now the hood don't gotta say nothin', I just took a load off
And watch me cock the sawed off

[Chorus - 2X]

[Outro: girl]
You are now tuned into the sounds
Of Black Market Radio