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Artist: B-Legit f/ Too $hort
Album:  Hard to B-Legit
Song:   So International
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Me and Too $hort we do the frequent miles
In and out of ports keep secret files
First peep the smile, Then flash the wrist
Diamonds get them pissy when its stashed like this
On a flash like this
According to the script
Hoes do the choosin, A boss he flipped
I skipped from Peru went straight to the ??
Them boys from the Bay and all day we be at it

[Too $hort]
Yea, We fly first class touch down like pimps
Whats the next event, Tell me what town its in
I'll see ya there man, I always do
I had some good weed, Some hoes too
What the feinin' for, Give it too'em
All around the world we get to do'em
When I'm on vacation everyday I fuck
Bad bitches see a player, Wanna lay up

[Chorus (Woman Singin)]
The places I go make me so international
People I meet make me so international
Wherever I go I'll be so international
Wherever it goes I'm just so international

[Too $hort]
I run into my folks, Nothin's too far
Got a few breezies, Gettin drunk at the bar
I dont care where I'm at
I'll make ya girl share that
I step in the room she recognize a player mack
Known for my raps, Gettin' blown in the back
Gimme 10 G's a microphone and some 'Yak
And dont forget my Kahlua and Baliey's
Look and learn, Dont ask me what I'll do to ya lady

Now what I'll do to ya lady, I'll do to ya life
Come through, Break you, Get out with my stripes
Pipe down big dog aint no need to be soar
Cause I'll I'm comin' for is the Christian Dior
Catch ya boy off shore, Candy bars in the store
Forever papered up but they handed me more
Did Twins in Minnesota at the All-Star Break
Bounced all accross state on them concert dates


California Baby thats the way we get down
Handcuff'em now, You know we comin' to town
No we dont smoke brown but we do shoot rounds
Green 16's over Rick Rock sounds
Call me flip flop now, Mix yellow and brown
Korean, Eurpoean, Know they all get down
Muslims get the money man I'll see you in Guam
I'm there 2 weeks need freaks and bomb

[Too $hort]
We knocked these ?? girls from Oregon
They had a flight to catch early in the mornin' to Portland
It doesnt matter where ya from baby
We can have some fun, Maybe
Me and B-La, Yea we got jungle fever
But its all about the money with us
We dont want ya people to think we discrimanatin'
Cant make the pimpin' wait
I spit a lil game then I listen to what women say

[Chorus til end]