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Artist: Big Gemini
Album:  Product of Pain
Song:   The Light (Shine For Me)
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[Big Gemini]
You shined your light, so I could see (Shine for me)
So I could see...
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
So I could see...
That's when I knew, that you were there (There...)

[Big Gemini]
(Verse 1)
I never knew
Love like yours before
Your love made me feel rich, even though that we poor
Through my darkest hours and darkest days
It was
Hard to believe, you were there with me (Shine for me)
You was
Hard to believe, cause you never been seen
By the physical light, but you'll be seen when it's time
I used to
Think that you was just a smoke in the sky
Til that one night, when you really came to my life (For me)
Wipe the tears from my face and
Filled me with love
And when I woke up (Oh Lord)
It was just somethin' so beautiful
Like I ain't never seen before
Light the sunshine brighter than it did before
And my body felt warm, but unusual
I can't explain it, so I guess it's unexplainable
But I know, what I'm from, when I felt, it's you
Huggin' me and tellin' me, that the pain was you (For me)
Only into the skies, I try to open my eyes
And find a way out the dark, said that for you, my light
The light

Hook: Big Gemini
And I know, that I was found
And I knew, that you were there
When I was lost, I was found
That's when I knew, that you were there

Chorus: Big Gemini
For you was the light
Light, that shined for me
Light, that shined for me

(Verse 2)
Shine your light, so I could see
Anytime it grew darker, than it used to be (You was the light)
Not a sun or moon, could guide my way (Light)
Not a smile from my niece could even bright my day
Not a drug in the world could ease my pain (The light, light)
Like a wandering child
I done strayed away
And the older I get
Be the further I go
I'm a sinner, nothin' more, but God, bless this soul (You was the light)
But I'm far from a heathen, cause I know you exist (Light)
And they gon' call me hypocritical for writing this (Light, that shined for me)
But I don't care, somewhere, out there, there's a child
Feelin' lost, all alone, feelin' scared, of the world
And it's sad
And maybe this is life for him
And maybe this isn't me, reachin' him through the pen
Maybe into the skies, a sign that open his eyes
And find a way out the dark, and step into the light
The light

Repeat Hook & Chorus Twice