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Artist: Big Gemini
Album:  History in the Making
Song:   Time to Stack a Million
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Chorus: Ace 1
"Time to-time to stack a million"
"Monies-monies to the ceilin'"
"Grind hard
Hustle harder, you know what the deal is, deal is" --> Big Gemini

[Big Gemini {Ace 1 in background}]
Ni (Yeah)
1 {"Time to stack a million"}
You know it's time, baby (Oh, it's time)
Ha ha

(Verse 1)
(Big Gemini in background)
[Big Gemini] "Out of this world"
             That's what they say the flow is, partner
             And ya girl seen to think it too
[Female]     Hey Big Poppa (Uh oh)
[Big Gemini] Time to go get 'em
             Call me go-getter
             H to tug me loose
             Say, "Get 'em boy, go get 'em" (Woof!)
             Y'all can rap for fun
             Shit, I'll rap for fun
             Fuck waitin' patient, I keep stackin' til my kingdom come
             Y'all on back Caddy, dawg
             And I ain't let enough
             If anything, I grind harder than a brokedown clutch
             I'm a get it (Yeah)
             Reppin' where I'm from into Texas
             Ranger fitted
             Steppin' out the Rover, ay, yeah, we look suspicious
             But we don't give a fuck
             Big done up in the buildin'
             Time to fuckin' stack a million

Repeat Chorus Twice

Hook: Big Gemini {Ace 1 in background}
You know, you know, you gotta
Get that money (Hey)
Get that money (We gon')
Get that money (Okay)
Get that money (You know, you know, you gotta) {"Time to stack a million"}
Get that money (Hey)
Get that money (We gon')
Get that money (Okay)
Get that money {"Time to stack a million"}

[Big Gemini]
(Verse 2)
Now I didn't choose to rhyme
Rhymin' chose me
I'm quotin' Bubba cause it's my thoughts exactly
If three time's a charm
Guess this the lucky one
Timin's everythang, fuck being lucky, son
This shit is all a game, no matter how you look it
Shit, I play to win, so motherfuck losin'
And when it come to fame
When it come to fortune
Shit, you can keep the fame
Money's my motivation
And we can break it down, homie, I ain't greedy with it
If you ain't in it for the same, then what the fuck's your reason
You say, "It's crunch time"
I say, "It's crush time"
Like (???) bomb, I'm rushin', it ain't go line

Repeat Chorus Twice

Repeat Hook

(Verse 3)
Time keeps tickin'
Tick tock's slippin'
Lookin' at my watch and how them diamonds do glisten
'Specially in the sunlight with my arms out the window
With the top down, givin' all these bitches a visual
Pedal to the metal
I'm gone, gotta go
Time waits for no one, on that note, see me flow
I'm glancin' at my rear view
Seein' what I went through
Road blocks, detours, that made hella bitch moves
As no one understands, I don't care, as long as I do
You ain't gotta feel me, but feel this
Fuck you
I ain't here to please you, I'm here to fill my pockets
And make sure that this fuckin' bank account sky rockets

Repeat Chorus Four Times

[Big Gemini]
Time to stack a motherfuckin' million, you know what I'm sayin'
You already know what the fuck it is
Ace motherfuckin' 1
Big Gunna, mother, fucker