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Artist: Big Gemini
Album:  History in the Making
Song:   Only Ones
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[Ace 1]
"The greatest riches a man can have in his life:
Mi familia" --> Edward James Olmos

[Big Gemini]
With everything that I see flashin' across this T.V. screen
All this crazy stuff goin' on
It makes me really appreciate the thing I hold closest dearest to my heart
You know what I'm sayin'?

Chorus: Ace 1
You are the air that I
Breathe, you and me, yeah
You are my only ones
You are my only ones
No one could ever
Replace you, I mean it
You are my only one

(Verse 1)
To my only ones
That really knew this day would come
Put everything aside, just believed in their son
Believe me when I say I be
More than what your eyes would see
And now the days gettin' closer, when I
I'm gonna
Buy ya that house you desire
And if you don't want it
I'll just give you the money
If I take mine somewhere someday
And some might understand, some can care less
And there's some don't wanna hear this, they can skip it to the next
Did it for you
This for the woman that have me
Divided, it breaks me, no one else, but my family
Now I see our time be passin' by
Lookin' at my baby niece's eyes
Am I'm gettin' older by the minute
Before it's too late, I gotta tell 'em how I'm feeling now

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
If this world is gone
Before we awake in the morn', I hope
Tonight, before you heard this song, to reassure
That you could never be by yourself
No matter where you be, I'll get there in this life or the next
The realest thing that a man could have
Is a family that'll love him back
And all the money in the world don't matter (Uh uh)
If y'all were here for me to spend it on and not just
Keep on thankin'
God for blessings
Reminiscin', on when I couldn't give you
But now, thank God, things 'bout to change

Repeat Chorus

[Big Gemini]
And with everything that I got goin' on in my life
I know, at times, it seems that
Somethin' might replace you
With everything else I do
But nothin' ever can, know that

Hook: Ace 1
No, you can never be replaced
No one, could ever take your place
No one
No one
No one

Repeat Hook

Repeat Chorus