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Artist: Big Gemini f/ Merciless
Album:  History in the Making
Song:   History in the Making (Yo Quiero Compreder) *
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* hidden bonus track after "Rather Live Wrong (Got To Have You)"

Yo quiero compreder
Las cosas malas que la gente
Porque me tratas mal
Buscando, nos matando
Nuestros suenos
Nuestros suenos

[Big Gemini]
(Verse 1)
Some assume by the way that I dress
By the color of the skin, or the ink on the flesh
Oh, we just like the rest, another bald head Mexican
Probably dope dealin' or probably gang bangin'
But I'm far from a role model
Yeah, I smoke, fuck hoes, take shots out the bottle
I spit it how I live it
Tell it how I see it
Broadcast it out and some people might feel it
Kids might mimic, but that's not my intention
And if you get offended, well then, just don't listen
This is my life, my views
I ain't come to preach and teach to the youth
And I ain't come here for the love
I came for the loot
I came cause the game needed change, take a look
But if anyone can learn
Let 'em all learn
From this pain that I turn into words

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
I'm tryin' to take this where it's never been took before
And I'm not the only one, there's a whole lot more
I don't need to mention names, shit, I know who you are
Keep doin' your thang, shit, it's all for the cause
I'll rep for my people and speak to the masses
I don't care if you black, Asian or Latin
I don't care if you white, Incan or Afgan
There's some, that's a problem, cause they don't understand
My own people say, "Me creo que soy algo mas"
Yeah, I am somethin' else, shit, I'm hot and you're not
That's why they all in the cock
Cause I'm not like the rest
I'm on the bubble, on the verge, on the brink of success
Say, "I sound too black for a Mexican"
But I'm still too Mexican for a black station
Either way, they gon' judge
Regardless of what
Just remember what I said, I ain't come for the love

[Big Gemini {*??? harmonizing*}]
Y'all can judge me all you want, know what I'm sayin'
You all's not gon' stop what I'm doin' right here
This is history in the making, boy
Y'all bear witness to it
Speak to these niggas, mayne

[Verse 3: Merciless]
Now tell me
Can you feel my pain, can you see my pain
Nothin' but the struggle runs through these veins
And I ain't changed
And my hood's still the same
Police sweatin' me, is it my last name
Or is the clothes that I wear, see my pants on sag
A few tatoos and a brew in a brown bag
See, I'm a brown man and part of a movement
Makin' the music that you hear while you cruisin'
And these just words
So take it like you wanna
This is my life, doin' deals on the corner
Right from wrong, it's the same thug song
Mama doesn't know I'm out from dusk til dawn
And poppa left us
Oh, I had to be
A victim of a circumstance, one big tragedy
Some reachin' from bust, some be the same
This is just a picture of my life, my pain

Repeat Chorus

{*??? harmonizing*}