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Artist: Big Gemini
Album:  History in the Making
Song:   Hypnotized (Fuck With You)
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[Big Gemini]
Ace 1

Chorus: Ace 1
I can't keep
My eyes off you
So hypnotized by
The way, you move
And I just wanna know
Baby, what's your name
And maybe later on
We can go somewhere

[Ace 1]

[Big Gemini]
(Verse 1)
I got thang for them five one, five two's
Walkin' right past me in stiletto shoes
Hold up
Tatoos, yeah, I like 'em too
They got piercings, I don't mind a few
I need a stunner
The type when you see comin'
Everybody stops, stops
What they doin'
And little mama looks like that type
Let me slide a little closer when my time is right

Pre-Chorus: Big Gemini
And the way that you movin', your movin' draws me in closer into it
I don't care
I won't stare
Keep do what you're doing, look ma, as soon as you done, I'm up on ya
I'm right here, and ain't going no

Repeat Chorus

Hook: Ace 1
Little mama, all I really wanna do is
Fuck, with you
Tell me, what it's gonna take to
Fuck, with you

(Verse 2)
Tell me what I gotta do
I ain't like these other suckers runnin' game on you
I'm sure you hear it all the time, but
I don't spit lines
I don't waste breath shit on all that mess
If I said it, then I meant it, not to try to get between ya
And I ain't gotta wild you to make you a believer
Some like to make it rain, yeah, we can make it rain
Like JD once said, shit, Money Ain't A Thang
I ain't tryin' to impress you, look mama, you can tell, would I gotta
But that don't matter
But that don't matter
And we can get it poppin' like these champagne bottles
Go and play hard to get along, it'll make me try harder
Come on

Repeat Chorus & Hook

(Verse 3)
So what your name is, little lady
I'm tryin' to see what it do with you, baby
You got partners, I got partners four arm
And more to drink, and some of those good to blow on
I got it started, now she don't wanna stop
When she grindin', you know I'm as hard as a rock
Now it's five in the mornin'
Party ain't slowin'
Back to the hotel's where we goin'
Yeah, you know how I do it
If I see it, then I want it, and I see now you, move it
So won't you move it over here
Make yourself comfortable, cause we ain't going nowhere
Uh uh

Repeat Chorus

[Ace 1]