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Artist: Big Gemini
Album:  History in the Making
Song:   Hate Me or Love Me
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[Big Gemini]
Playtime's over, muh'fuckers
Know what I'm sayin'?
Let's get this muh'fucker money

(Verse 1)
My eyes stay wide open
Ears do the same, brah
Seen evil, heard evil, but I don't speak none (Nah)
I ain't much into talkin'
Bitches, they run their mouth (Yeah)
Be careful what you say cause it might make its way back 'round (Shhh)
But fuck that talkin' shit
That shit's irrelevant
I keep it movin', but it's fueled to my actions
You see these shiny thangs
The VVS's, mayne
I bet you love the way they look
When they glisten and
Shine, can't stop me
Try, and it's bye-bye
You, get rolled over
For, crossin' that line
This shit is serious, it's more than rap
It's like fuckin' with my family when you fuck with my cash

Chorus: Big Gemini
I got money in my mind
That's why I'm on this grind
Bitches on my dick, still M.O.B. til I die
If you ain't with me, you against me
Hate me or love me
I don't give a fuck, you ain't gonna stop money for comin' out

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
Yeah, these hoes love it
Yeah, the hood's waitin'
I got that dope flow (Oh)
So addictin'
I keep 'em comin' back (Comin' back)
Comin' back for more (Yeah)
They keep my pockets fat (Pockets fat?)
With stacks of dough
Animosity, jealously, it's all the same
We all crabs in a bucket, can't one succeed
And get the fuck out
Without y'all pullin' on me
Ain't goin' back to your level, I'm just way past it, homie
I am the one and only
Fuck being numero uno
Dopest rappers alive done died, but I still snatch dinero
That's all I want, brah
That's what I'm here for
And y'all can battle over rankings while I stack some

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 3)
Some friends, they come and go (Yeah)
Some friends, they turn to foes (Yeah)
When there's money involved
That's just the way it goes (Uh)
Fuck it, I'll roll the dice (Roll 'em)
Cause life is all a gamble (Yeah)
God never gives you anything that you cannot handle (Nope)
When money escalates
The more they start to hate
When you can hate me, muh'fuckers, I'm back in the race
Put time in hand and I'm rushin', crushin' competition
Your run is over, your luck is up, (???) the air
With big psalms open wide
The game embraces me
I got some points to prove, homie, time to make history
It's the return, the return of the great
And I'm a kick it in this crate, but you can love it or hate it
Let's go

Repeat Chorus Twice