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Artist: Big Gemini f/ Blast
Album:  History in the Making
Song:   Get It Get It
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[Big Gemini]
You like it

(Verse 1)
Back on the scene, yeah, them boys better watch it
Money on my mind, we can say that's the topic
Better go get it cause shit ain't gon' come
Keep waitin' on a partner, I'm a go and get me some
Cause I get it, get it
If they won't give me nothin'
I take it, take it
These fuckers ain't got nothin'
They fakin', fakin'
Hey, I don't fuck with them lame dudes
Real recognize real when I could see through you
Why you look surprised
Eyes wide open like you tootin' lines
Said I was dead, but I'm so alive
And I'm a get this dough til the fuckin' flat line
Cause I

[Big Gemini] Get it, get it
             Now if you talkin' about dough, I'm
             With it, with it
             Money stay on my mind, and I
             Get it, get it
             These suckers ain't like me
             I know you want it, homeboy, but when it come to the green, I
             Get it, get it
[Blast]      If you ain't talkin' about dough, they ain't
[Big Gemini] With it, with it
[Blast]      Shit, I grind to get mine, you better
[Big Gemini] Get it, get it
[Blast]      It's still money over hoes
             You don't do it for the dough, then what the fuck you do it for

(Verse 2)
Ring the alarm, tell 'em Gem boy loose
Tell H-Twenty, need a five-proof booth
I spit that flamer
Danger, danger
He aright, but
I am greater
Call me the great, fuck what you think
Y'all rookies worried about pussy, I'm a get this cake
Can I get it, get it
And take it back to the D
Stack that paper, taller than me
Shake that, shake that
Money tree
You got the game on lock, God got the key
Favorite color green, not what I mean
Cause when I spit these bars, all I hear is ch-ching
Yeah, we can talk, but
I don't hear nothin'
I don't hear shit til we talkin' about numbers
And if numbers ain't right
I'm a attack your ass when you ask next time
Cause I

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Blast]
Young Blastro (What)
Big bank roll (Yeah)
Mister Bakersman, yeah, I'm all about the dough
Twenty for the flow
Double for the show
Nigga, I get paid just to walk up in the door
Pockets all swoll (Uh)
But I don't push dope (No)
Runnin' charge for the flows is like a quarter ki blow (Yeah)
Trust no bitch (Bitch)
Love no hoe (Hoes)
These tricks to the side, now I'm broke no more (Yeah)
I waited my turn to play the bat
Made somethin' out of nothin', how you hate on that
Gem told me, "Fuck the haters, we got cakes to stack"
So I don't freestyle, bitch, I get paid to rap
Cause I get it, get it
It's a big gun thang, baby, get
With it, with it
What you suckers don't know (Know)
We stack that dough (Dough)
That's what we do it for
Squeeze the lawyers, pussy rappers, I'm allergic to broke
You know I

Repeat Chorus