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Artist: Azeem
Album:  Show Business
Song:   Oakland to Brooklyn
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

Yeah, move forward, move forward
Fill up this spot right here, everybody come forward
Runnin down
46 MC's

Vocalists from Oakland to Brooklyn are bubblin
Yeah, they bubblin
I rub it in
It's nothin if Azeem ain't one of 'em

[ VERSE 1 ]
I'm smokin Mary J. up in a 50 Cent Phillie
Ain't nothin Fabolous, I out-Shyne heads daily
They shit is Common, I'm like a Pharoahe with the raw
You Serchin for me? You tryina Snoop Dogg?
Your Method is off, Vanilla on Ice
Drinkin' Olde E-40s, but them Styles ain't tight
Mackin at the Mall and talkin on your Celly Cel
Actin like you out in Nellyville - B-Real!
I'm a Guru that sounds Eazy when the beat plays
Your shit is Ludacris, I throw you off a Freeway
Scar your Face, make you P your own Diddies
Life is Too $hort, really, to even get with me
On some rap shit, nowadays things is gettin drastic
Slide up on the wrong mic, you wind up with yo ass kicked
And that's a fact, don't get it Tung Twisted backwards
From here to Kakalak I'll make my fuckin name happen

[ CHORUS 2x ]
Vocalists from Oakland to Brooklyn are bubblin
I rub it in, it's nothin if Azeem isn't one of them
Everybody stand up, put your fists up again
Come up to the speakers, you can feel what you fuckin with

[ VERSE 2 ]
Baby Busta Rhymes, she had a fat Missy
I told the Dame Dash, she smiled at me
And she was pretty, with Cypress Hills that bounced madly
Asked me if I knew Whodini, her man's a Trick Daddy
She wanna know my name and what I'm doin in the city
Said I got a Lil' Fame, all the ladies call me Biggie
She lit a Big L, swelled her eyes over Redman
That shit was chronic, we blazed a whole Bill Graham
Placin LOX on the eyelids, we walked through the streets
Where the Eastsida Geto Boys push Heavy D
And Cee-Lo gamblers Funk them Flex Hammers
She didn't have a Clue how to handle it
Never scandalous, she was Mystikal, Ultramagnetic
She Doug my scripts and it was Fresh how I said it
Naughty By Nature, had my Soul filled with Mischief
We got some Ruff Ryders and we did the Blackalicious

[ CHORUS 2x ]