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Artist: AZ f/ Cormega, Foxy Brown, Nas
Album:  Decade 1994-2004
Song:   Affirmative Action II 
Typed by: Nas_Ill_Will_Records@Yahoo.Com, DaSun Akbar

[Foxy Brown]
Check it, uhh
Protect this, nigga for the necklace
I throw the death wish; the pretty slim sex shit
The rep this, remember Fox said this
We on some next shit, we are blessed this
The scares on our backs mean we met this
To lie for 'em
The 25 sentence to keep my eyes on 'em
I'm straight, knowing when Allah's shine on 'em
Shitty drugs and drama, opposite three pretty thugs and a don momma
Filling the rest, the steel in their chest
When Boogs threw the kiss of death, it was over
And we laid out, chill I was open off the way he ate out
It was real, fo'real I was fucking with mills and he was frag-ile
We wyling, the brown stallion
Stay styling, on the low fouling
The whole Firm wyling, we lucked it
I know the trick bitch he fuck with, on some duct shit
Heard through the grade that she sucked it
Firm, Sos and Esco, mad loco
Fox and Mega for whatever, and through this cheddar
We gon' stay family, 'til we fry though
The fam will never split even if one of us die though
Along with our get go's, we gon' blaze 'til it brick-o's
Peep the Ill-Na-Na, sweet taboo
The Firm tattoo on the Dada
Now tell me what crew hold it down like we do da da?

'Til the death of this, murderous moves pursue effortless
Ice necklace, high priced dressed executives
Peep the grammar, slim built, strong stamina
Forty-four nickel plate long with the silencer
Play for keeps in shut eye you stay sleep
Shit remain deep in get shells thrown at ya Range jeep
Giuliani suite got all the kings going up for creek
Devil life beers now who's left controlling the streets?
No intelligence, strictly slow niggas minds negligence
It's evident, Feds mess up, raid ya residents
We're all for living, heavyweight Firm division
Mind, I check mine, eat swans, 'cause it's religion
You know the steez, take aim, cock and squeeze
It's the prophecies, not the philosophies of Socrates
Next up? (Yo I believe that's me)
Ayo Mega, represent for the family

Ayo, the Feds got me in the top ten
'Cause when my door got knocked in
My four-four main cocked in
My sinister mind, shines like a Dillinger
Mega exhausted, Babyface crime Emperor
Yo, life is based on cultures and creeds
And peep the way drug fiends, the thug nigga sees
I've seen niggas lined up, handcuffed and tied-up
Coke prices rise up when drugs supply dry-up
The Millennium drives up
Rims semi blinds ya eyes temporarily
Mind of Mega be heavily armed for felonies
Shine you could never see
The next fat cat out of NYC
It Was Written like ghetto life hieroglyphics
Living since my real niggas bailed me out of prison
A lot of schemes, 'cause the narcotics team in Queens
Had marked dollars then the knowledge of fiends
My dream is the legacy of Montana treasury
Fake thugs couldn't even take slugs or bury me

To all thoroughbreds taking the corners, y'all need to join us
Firm's most powerful nation of rap performers
High class, Generals, Confidence, paying lawyers
Swift as Oscar De La Hoya, green beret warriors
Fakes I peep them like the J. Kennedy tape
In the new with Jew busting all in the face
Another word yo, you see through
My man built the Sugar Hill from a sweet tooth
We all eat, 'cause I speak truth and educated
Black youth, street diploma
Teach Greeks and Romans, but the legacy was stolen
It's a Firm thing, generally gleam
I wrote the theme on how to sell a million
While you crabs is mad at your promotion team
I roll with the nicest Fox
Black ice, pushing Benz without a license
Gear tight as vice grips, Nas got 19 wifies
Seven shiesty, nine of them piceses
Three white meats under tight cheese
Wyling, big links is heavy like bricks
That you throw on a pit-bull neck's while feeding 'em raw steak
It's core take, more cake
I take the crown of the so called king of the town and lock it down