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Artist: Awol One
Album:  Souldoubt
Song:   Solitude
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Watch me cut my tongue out of my mouth, because I love you
No more stupid words can leak out
I walk around my house in my bear feet and dead silence
and listen to the stairs squeak
Bumping around, the lights off, in the dark
In may silverware drawer where I'm feeling knives and forks
I get the sharpest utensil I can find
or maybe just a pencil to grind
Lead poisoning in my mouth
But any thing I can find is to cut my tongue out
So I could stop all the stupid things I say
and music will probably change my wicked ways
Smile with my blood stained teeth
Just talk with my hands when it's time to scream
A butter knife, started sawing at my gums
Chewing on some stainless steel
till my mouth gets num
and then, and then...
I take a jab at my tonsils, the center consol
Now I'm spitting out chipped teeth no relief
Will this chill me, to stop those lives I mislead
I let the world watch my mouth bleed
Now I cut my tounge, it's only hanging by a little piece of meat
but I try not to wake my family when there asleep
I get some rusty scissors and now I'm trying to cut this thing out
It's like the bad it's always curios about the good
and there’s no doubt that the cured it's always curious about the bad
still trying to cut my tounge out
with every cut I try not to wake my daughter up
I'll end up a babbling idiot with my lips sown up
Haven't found a way to kill me yet
or take this animal away to the vet
they come from far to spit on me
and all this time the good stays curious but the bad stays furious
cut my tounge out. but by this time I'm dizzy and nauseous
Slitting with a knife as obviously cautious
kitchen tile now it's all full of spit and blood
see, but I try not to slip
away I creep back the stairs and go to sleep
I wash the blood of my face and lay my head on my pillow case
I've succeeded
Watch me cut my tounge out of my mouth because I love you
so no more stupid words leak out, no one above you
I will never amount to nothing if I can speak
It's tounge and cheek, it's tounge and cheek