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Artist: Awol One (w/ Daddy Kev)
Album:  Souldoubt
Song:   Agony
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I don't want the television to make up my mind
And I don't want you to tell me what to do
And I don't want kids getting pregnant at fifteen
And I don't want you to keep stealin my shit

And I don't need sugar or salt or water or bone
And I don't survive of money you loan
And I don't want people to cry because they're lonely
And I don't wanna die too soon from the bottle
And I don't want you to keep changin' the channel
And I don't wanna grab the mic unless the crowd hype
I don't want drugs to take over your life
And I don't doubt that tonight is the night

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I don't want my radio without fresh batteries
and all the other radios are tryin'a battle me
But I throw on my pumas, and then I'm fine
No radio gets louder than mine!

I don't wanna become a fashion victim
What I don't want is for TV to inflict'em
And what I don't want, people to worship the almighty dollar
I don't want to see broke MC's and [cold collars]
I don't want you to tell me what to do
And I don't want them to call it technicolor
when it's only shades of red that's fillin up your head
And I don't want you to ... till I'm dead
And I don't want them to judge me like a book
And I don't want life not to take a second look
I don't want a choregrapher to teach me how to dance
I don't wanna make another record without an advance
I don't want a formula, the same pattern
And I don't want to mimic or be a walking gimmick
And I don't want you people just to stand there
But what I do want you to do is yell like you don't care!


I don't wanna be anyone but me
And I don't want to be addicted to love and tragedy
I don't wanna face it, or retrace it
I don't wanna Laugh Out Loud and have to replace it
I don't want questions enough everyday
And I don't know how long I could live this way
I don't wanna be lazy, broken, and unmotivated
And I don't wanna be like Mick Jagger, and just imitated!
I don't wanna be forgotten, when I'm rotten
I don't wanna live this lifestyle, California wild child
I don't wanna be - living in agony
Orchestrated b-boy screams!!!

It's like that
Check it out