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Artist: AWKWORD f/ Chaundon
Album:  World View
Song:   Melting Pot (Made in America)
Typed by: @AWKWORDrap

I know too many things, it scare a lot of people
Plus with this white skin, I almost look see-through
My teachers in high school used to say I was evil
While all the younger students treated me like a Beatle
But I didn't ask for this, fuck you dad
Life sucks... just to make you mad
The movement's got legs now, Statik play my tracks
And pasts ain't everything, look where Jay-Z's at
If you didn't like me then, get the wavy pass
And take acetaminophen when you catch the whiplash
Hate be the new love, I see 'em little bastards
Typing lies with 15 accounts and passwords
You got a lot of chutzpa, hiding behind slurs
Locked down in the basement, at mom's home in the 'burbs
You lavish with the luxury, ignore anguish and hurt
I chose to bleed for all, sometimes it feels like I'm cursed

[Chorus - AWKWORD]
The melting pot boils, only in America
The 1 versus 99, lock us up like predators
We didn't ask for this, but we did inherit her
You wonder why your flag burns, America America

The melting pot boils, only in America
We don't pick our president, ask your state senator
We still tryna come to terms, with slavery et cetera
You wonder why we so mad, America America

[Verse 2 - AWKWORD]
Sometimes I wonder to myself, why would they disparage me
Why focus so much hate, on a rapper giving to charity
No waves in the cesspool, uniqueness, they're scared of me
I'm not trying to rescue you, can hardly keep my sanity
Steady search for clarity, not on that zen tip
Feel best when I'm high, and I hear the pen drip
I'm pensive, but I'm relentless, with this
Rap, so Hezues, can give better weapons to kids
Never been afraid to be me and face hell
Never sent to prison but got locked in jail
I don't believe its written, I think we have will
Used to dream a being a Native American Black Jew
I've always been myself, it still sounds like White Guilt
And I'm OK with that, for me it's the right build
Cause im doing something, with it, artistic for change
AWKWORD dope music yeah, leave my heart on the stage


[Verse 3 - Chaundon]
Black in America. Why should I pledge allegiance
When the country got a grievance with me
Cause we ain't reach equality. Though we've got a black president
Some people wanna see us swing from a tree
I'm lookin at the news, black teens getting gunned down
And the shooter gets to hide behind Standing Your Ground
How that sound? No jail time is a joke
But they would Throw Away The Key if I was found with some coke
You see the, scales are tipped and the blind fold is see through
Strengthening the argument on We Were Never Equal
Recent history proves
They picking off the pro-black leaders so the movement can lose
And when I, Fight The Power, I'm branded Public Enemy
Or a conscious rapper, labels won't cut a check for me
So why put my hand on my heart
For a country, that didn't want me here from the start