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Artist: Audio Two
Album:  The First Priority Music Family: Basement Flavor
Song:   Peer Pressure
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[Milk Dee]
Hello, hello, it's Milk Dee
You're in my way, so pardon me!
I gotta step to the mic
And spill milk over you
C'mooooon, get a move on
You've BEEN here, too long
Your rhymes are old, they're dusty
Point blank homeboy, you're rusty
And it's a serious matter
The mic's gettin cold, you're gettin fatter
But I'm slim and warm like Swiss Miss
I could rock to a hiss
Or gimme a bet and a metronome
I bust a rhyme off my dome
Why? I'm like the great Einstein
I have a complex mind
But this Milk is fresh out the store
My style is not hardcore
It's MILKY, better yet milkish
If I have to, I get vicious
Break fool, cold beat ya man
Like a spoon on a pan
But that's not hard enough, I agree
That's why I roll with security

Peer pressure!
Peer pressure!!

Yo, the pressure's here and gettin higher
You feel wet while I'm still dry
I'm smokin on the outside
I'm not playin so don't hide
Or seek, cause I'm speakin
I'm not a freak so, stop freakin
I'm kinda like a hooker
I saw your girl and I took her!
Took her to the farm and did much damage
The Vitamin D help me manage
Yo, I'm your girl's +Molester+
Call me Chester, peer pressue!

Peer pressure!

Alright, you're still here
I guess that means you have no fear
That means you're brave and wack
Yo, with a posse at your back
Granted, you're livin large
Yo, I've got to barge
up to the front and take my own
Make the mic, my homeboy
Like Captain Kirk and Mr. McCoy
But notice who's captain!
I am captain, I am captain
I AM, peer pressure

Peer pressure!

Alright, I'm almost through
You didn't wanna leave, but now you're due
Realize you're old news
Yo homeboy, turn to the blues
Milk is precision-made for the industry
Don't flake on me
I respect you if you respect me
That's the way it's gotta be
I was playin when I said you're through
I'm just givin you... peer pressure

Peer pressure!

{Gizmo cuts and scratches until song ends}