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Artist: Atoms Family
Album:  Atoms Family Archives Vol. 2
Song:   Streetlamp Confessions
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Soak to the skin carve, bought majestic residence
Cloaked with a grim scar, more domestic evidence
A sin with the settage and depended on the entemann
Thrown out by the super market, darkness with a useless heart
Stripped of the useless parts, carin' in compassion
Cash the steerin' clearin' passion
Lack the fearin' peers of action
Trap the tears'll smear the laughin
Streetlight sonata, then I beat like my fathers vengeance
Weak like a lot of legends, we put a spot in heaven
Unnotice locust pesture, run soak the soulless texture
Cold to the touch of fester, old just a lushin' gesture
Too many mistakes, excuses any I make
A noose petty and fake, the truth confetti in faith
I'm torn apart to pieces with performance art 
The teachers that the noses started pieces
I'm gone my heart conceases

Sign it through seasons
Electric blues' was steppin' on more feet, clepto and clueless
Mind is inventive to the tenses of fences
I'm grabbin' the class pattern feed of a hand that swing
Pendulum or axe, hatch massacre in clink
To the sentiments and facsimiles that tamper brain function
Past painted function that sings under somethin under streetlamps to come with an axe
Buzzin' at a pace, strappin' clay
Tappers most these days patch his leak through the cracks
Can't see it so I chant we the canteener black
San Dimas camp sleepy eye
Can open fish like cow like stand and salutin' a grass
In a sense mist in the midst of collapse

[Da Cryptic One]
Gaze at the dark murky puddle that reflect
The lamp like suttle traffic funnel through they intersection
Rubble strewn on the sidewalk crumble
Guys talk and walk with tunnel vision
Bubble mission bound to pop
Wisdom stops and the red light might stay crimson all night
And stop the plight of the forward motion
Off with words coastin', excessive boastin' on the corner might lead to toastin'
Oceans that share the lights hue strike through the clothin'
Should have listened to what the streetlamp told him
Stay bright and be the guy to light at night to follow
Cause you're not promised life tomorrow
Stay gold pony boy, sole outsider role model
Life has a very bold throttle and no brakes
An uphill battle with no fate
A destiny champ so confess to the streetlamp