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Artist: Atoms Family f/ Da Cryptic One
Album:  Centa of Da Web/Beyond Human Comprehension EP
Song:   Zone 2 Tha Tone
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Zone to tha tones from my microphone 8x

[Cryptic One]
Attacking infantries, beware my mental planned activities
Metaphysically, my metaphors urinate on your inate abilities
So simply I crush, this russian armed force specialist
My sentences enscripts leaves, many animal activists pissed
With a cool key that I soon reveal using mind blunt weapon of steel
To brothers leaves, i'm elite, emceein' navy seal
My rhymes are classified documents, sent to drench the continents
With my intelligence, ya feeble resistance is quite irrelevance
I prevent ya sense of circumvent by any sense of my circular attack
180 degrees of revolution rap
Syntax tact from my mind plushed flyin' path
My task to be fast from the rhythmic liquid moving mass
I transform the glass in a solid liquid form of gas
And floor a plasm mixed within a glass of my earl of my flask
Now all objects I can't control
From the old machines that ran on coal mundane computer console
No matter the shape or size, realize this is my rhymes
Cause machinery to come alive, like maximum overdrives
So who can't, won't look me between the eyes
The unwise tries to escape in a portal
While in the range of my deranged audible
By the chance fought in my unseen beam
Many arraigned, detained in my POW camps
Where I stamp on your wrist with the quickness 
Of six digit serial number under the word non lyricist
I insisted so the sickness can be quarantined, contained
So stupidity doesn't spread for more than the human brain

[Hook 8x]

Mortals has untrue attack tactics
They attack quick trying to ward their slaughter
They hide underwater, that's when it gets drastic
I'm a killer great grammarhead
I attack the wack with my dorsel fin protrude from the water
My syntax taps your mataphors and of course can cause slaughter
My lyricals destroyin' lyrical criminals
Mind contort minds on a sorter
Like a carniverous ambiguous amoeba
Rhyme slowin raids alpha protozoa like Akira 
Destroyin' everything in my path
So feel the wrath greater than Khan
As I trek going through stars 
Cracking broken mind melds on Mars
Riding clown cars round distance, stressing empire infantries
Givin' storm troopers fatal injuries with my similies so simply
Carryin' complex texts, stars are various
My barbaric attack cause Thundarr the barbarians collapse
Experimental medical procedures causin' intellect seizures
Lyric propulsion causin' convulsions
And procussion induced concussions
Inflamed discussion in robitussin
Ya lookin' sickly when i'm thruster up in quickly
Through your script like Mount Vesuvius in a nucleus of existence
So swerve around my brains through minds like electrons
To keep your distance
When this lyricist revel this resistance, against this grain of brain
This ignorance attempts to penetrate the mental plates of the cryptic

[Hook 1x]