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Artist: Atoms Family
Album:  Centa of Da Web/Beyond Human Comprehension EP
Song:   Whichcraft
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If I told you many secrets, could you handle them?
Maybe I'll tell you when the candles dim
The scene begins as I grasp my swords hilt
Extra knots in yore for all the warriors I kilt
Only once my blood spillt, I was wounded, I lived
To avenge myself, I did find him, he hid 'fore I let him live
However I killed his kids, the ages of six and seven
I discovered their corpses on shores of ????
Held accountable fortresses under the age eleven
They were bludgeoned as my pet property watch
If you listen you can hear they bones in a valley of dry bones
Like on a cobbletone rock, often shadowbox
The shoulder kept a stroll as it enrolled a basic piece of the tolls gold
Scroll the many foretelled aloud
These skulls have made wells, they see and swim upwards on clouds
And what the hecks is called earth will reverse gravity
Making salmons from a waterfall, the slaughter call
Time is reversed, war it's now called
Treason hauled you off by the law
Do not keep that frog, dude my wifes is punched by the kings troll
They god damned his soul, I will indestroy by sin of my scroll
I will have its secrets?? through litmus
Deadline to keep this humanity is whichcrafts best kept secrets