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Artist: Atoms Family
Album:  Centa of Da Web/Beyond Human Comprehension EP
Song:   Outer Regions
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[Hook 4x]
Transmissions of visions made by our mentality
The atoms family exploring outer regions of reality

I'm comin off like duct tape being ripped off your outer brain
Causin' cerebral pain the weight of my rhymes inflictin a mental strain
I'm a master of all parts of speech
I be more than glad to teach
Lyrics runnin off like footprints at the beach
Eyeball eating caterpillars falls like sticks on tree limbs
They emerge from the optic socket when the cocoon casing softens
Genetics of destroyin larva causin molecular dispersion
The scattered cells begin to glean
An adult stays about him close within
Suddenly he saw every soaring single wakin? banshee screams
Call me the butterfly
I'm doing the most beautiful attack patterns of my enemies through compound eyes
Skinnin the roof course within it your brain terrain when I shed my outer skin
Rub it into minor appendages that are hidden behind my thighs
Are you amazed by the way that my rhymebooks came to life
Cutting off the psychic link 
While havin the desire to spare to death from the viewpoint of a knife
When push comes to shove, I got emcees lookin' like a sick dove
White changes dust off 'em below they corsels fly above
Lyrics are flowin on wings without the words previously owin
Konfucious inventin a style which no one has ever known

Call me the heliman elephant
As lasers disperse through my eyes
It's mad when you're unmaskin skeletons
Like grindin your bones of ?? talcum powder on a millenium falcon
With an insult mean? you can see the direction it was going
I'm the matter forever flowin'
And play the ukelele on Haley's comet
Til the gods'll stop hummin who'll stop the prophet
Collectin my thoughts in darkness
I wonder if myself is arcades and cockpits
I attack the feeble like the monster of loch ness
I keep memories of the defeated in the golden locket
Which swings from my pocket like a grandfather clock
As I disperse the atoms by your grandfather watch
It felt good to receive a pat on the back
For destroyin' the wack hearin false imagery
More spots inches from my face in perfect symmetry
If you listen you can hear them sing
You'll see the glistening of my aluminum angel wings
That project from my back when I strangle things

[Cryptic One]
My mental nuclear reactor spreads a toxic atomic plate factor
Usin a protractor and a ruler to attack your medula
I run through ya at the proper angle use mechanical contraptions
And abstract attack actions to make ya brain half contractions
Giving birth to intelligence element attractions
Chemic reaction of this mental picture
Crews are flickerin' flourescent light bitches
It's a lower brain used up then dudes just translate fake
I encased your face in a cannister
My words swirl around you like a spiral staircase bannister 
And pet tarantulas eat like savages at this mental mask
I'm a time traveler, divisin odd shaped parts triangular
Which quickly transverses universes then disperses verbal parameters
With perpetually increasing diameters, I pass and damage ya
With an intangible hurl flammable cause collateral
Flame ignition caused by the force frictions
Of the crypt addiction
Envision five minds combined in rhyme mechanics
Five organic mass planets causin mass galactic panic

I'm the faceless man that's beyond flacks and moons
I skip to my loo on the surface of every planet 
Inside moons of my memory 
Bad things happen to rappers
When I mumble in beat force, like hansel and gretel in the forest
I have solar energy brain paddled 
They protrude from the sides of my temple like antennas
I race the sun through an asteroid built from the cockpit of comets
At speeds of infinity machs
Check my stance as I split planets with the danube sunshine
I play chess on a gravitational platform
My horns are made out of frozen clouds of prizzmatic crystals
Numbskulls get plunged and on some portable telegates
In a parallel fortline between space and time
Minds are fucked in my subconcious
Like humans going on a fishing trip
They get abducted from highways
The sky bleeds from my tractor beam from my mothership
I got you bobbin your head to the beats
As your friend through with heats
He starflows tingly like blimps
Your eyes might burn if you take a glimpse
I hold globes in my hand like Moses held the ten commandments

I crash computer systems through a mind barge
Checkin for Mona Lisa within my iris
All things equal systems when I move wombs horizons
Then she went with ?? and climbed elevation 
When lightning storms that forms the vector fields
I charge electricities through its longitudes and latitudes
Then projects with amplitude
Of electromagnetic energy causes great activity with an atom bomb
My angular duration is devastation through combination changin variations
Of radiation books isolatin the population during the day
I play with the axis of planets
Holdin magnets and while they under the negative clarities 
I'm told the weathers pure telepicture versin clarities
Cause my static image and blink within it goes galaxy

[Hook til fade]