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Artist: Atoms Family
Album:  Centa of Da Web/Beyond Human Comprehension EP
Song:   Oceans of Confusion
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A point blank, dissention agenda
Of preconceived principles adjacent to antiquated systems of imbeciles
Deliniated society of mediocrity
I destroy the curve, residual phallic issue rituals
So you can swing from my nuts
Unclin Harris subvert and brought truth inflections knee deep in primordial soup
In an evolution soup, they pray for the atomic revolution troupe
The epitomy of archaic antiquity in a symphony of infamy
A derivative of dividends within the end 
Justify the means in the slaughter of innocents
With genosense of the right, you're impotent, you simply spit
Into a chez spot, wit to the child, a star pedophile
Hall of fame second floor wack emcee we stay behind the velvet rope
And play ya hopes of ever gettin in Alaska varsity jacket
An elaborate coverup to keep our ass backwards half a bastards
Because you suck circo psychotic
Non committed this will dribble this spectacular character
Rub elastic chatter casted ya disenfranchised youth chapter 
Out of sequence oft deader the deader
It ordered preeminent while sediment love they ballad scene
Routine the discontent, advance override objective
Effective enhance global lack of record play to record spray
Satellite interference worldwide perserverance of the super shepard
Disrupt the flock of the crepin mental lepers
The societal defector in a time versus truth
Battle royale bloodbath grudge match
Two hands cover my face clay in peek a boo
While your outdated next hook textbook
Pages taught far from my Ric Flair, thank ya for inforce count anywhere
Hit by hostile takeover, Sally Jesse makeover
Whimsical one a day plus irony
Thrust up anthology to blow the dust up the society
Simultaneously dots eyes in his silent majority
Through his eyelid deformity, life stripped him enthesis of this
It's simple, this crumblin oedipus edifice
Sickinin like syphillis, ridiculous Itchy and Scratchy cripple fest
A cold sweat catharsis, ya borderline retarded conscious cardboard
Makin' less of a splash than a starvin anorexic ethiopian
With broken limbs, doin' a cannonball
A cannonball pass a tandem fault of Alaska, WindNbreeze
Hangar 18 reverse drink up the sleeve
Long verse disperse ya antiotic propagands pamphlet daily standard
Curse up they think you much buster upper crust
With our bust open colored spectrums call legends respect 'em
Projected industry organ in our rectum resurrection will never die intention
It'll take a stake through a heart, cause what's at stake is our heart

When brought to the point of obvious conclusion
You play paint cushion contusion
For light illusion, rhyme abusin
When colored spectrums are busted open
From mic explosions, we might be oceans of confusion

I'll burst open your wannabe pensive internal
And grab my shin like crustacean suspension
From the association of light so suttle, subterranea puddle reflection
And to rain again will produce high low occasional tempercies
Seashells from words everlastin echo action of memories
I have fine new astery expectations to the final next
And moments before death, harmonizin transitions similar to the decible decreshendo
The cats purr, I stretch on feline daily exercises
But I watch them nor while changes the beam of special diagnosis
Hate to say maybe soothing supplements of preconceived notations of tension
Let me toss light friction equalling the curviture front in my oceans
Happily I disturb the congruency of the apprehensive applause
On the semi significant accomplishment of knowing ones consciousness
The glowing sun dissipates gradually
Catalyst my telepathically condomness
Tuberculates sensations in condensed formalities
You all pin small
Emotionalistic cannibal encounters with your mirrors reflection and shadow inspection
Occur frequently in certain scenes
Free quotient examples exist when ample space with sample sickness
Seems as a pinch on repititions, ample space for sample secrets
I secrete bliss better than any juxtaposition
Of sumptuous tree size candles with candlewick on that branch tip
Silhouette divisions wrote in scurry currency from mummer sniffin
Wet rag full of a side and bleed
Bliss wanna be a god in me
But you lost the configuration constantly
See I canfiginations out minus the decorum of pastel chippin
On smiles with no meaning and the protrusions of topography (that's geology)
With north and south poles killin your mindless musical magnetic monotony
WindNbreeze, bliss god atmospheric amphibian
Upgrading aquatic energy for my eyes only
I flow slowly with metallic winds of alloy always holdin mostly
Wholesome habits for my apologies (i'm sorry)
I seem to be off schedule due to the polyconceptual alternation periods
Of continuous events along our prolong tabulations of cosmic schemes
And what sloppy dreams you have
See i'm the guy but giant feather duster tours are not for free
Not even our small portions
Yo, I easily stumble upon sides with Alaska
And thoughts in a room but we take the spoor out
Spout shit to repair your repair posing in a pocket full of it
Water is more than land, probabilities on my side
A lot of laughin' at the force of the waves
So back on show your torn sores of disease from the omnivore pigeon picnic
Flip the switch quick ahead of time
The filament better get the opposite of light provocation
I'm right to your left to be forgotten
Like four rotten clones trapped in a room with no exit (can't you see)
Ya seem to be driving in puss
Swimming amongst the grains of future sediments
And accepting it from a robot touch 
Of the sensabatory action, mission impossible solution
Double sided peace be together, ninety degree devils dilemma
Inferences occur from within the blur of your last blink to heaven
Alone in the dark I write with infored ink from a pen selection of eleven
Ten, nine, eight, seven and it keeps descendin' toward infinite negatives
It's not mutually exclusive to the laser beam injection
Handle the bust, open your world a box along with other color spectrum
In the god of bliss (that's right)