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Artist: Atoms Family
Album:  Centa of Da Web - Beyond Human Comprehension EP
Song:   Mystic Madness
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This is the beginning of the end
Merging madness with mystics
A collaboration of the plague
And the Atoms Family
Featuring Konfucious, Chaos, Void, Da Cryptic One
Blabbercon, Molecule, Pumpkinhead and Whichcraft
The end is near
As I offer the sharkticons a friendly piece of energon
Decepticons come
Scannin' the horizons with yellow antennas fling like pom-poms
Fillin out the intestines for shelter inside my tonton
I bit my computer after midnight, gremlins disrupt
Sonar blitz revealin' location of sunken ships
By luminescent aliens greeeting electric worlds on the vertical surface
On the water like the abyss
I'm battlin transparent brains mounted with ionic rifles against artificial intelligence
In the year one trillion
Technobots merge to become computron
Probability of defeating compu3con processing data
While it downloads into the system input reassimilated
Outcome, there's no chance in a million
The metallic vertebrae of my neck struck vicious position
Due to the kickback of my lyrical rifle
My words hit your brain into pieces by way of verbal shrapnel
A predator on safari
Nightly heat vision chips were installed in my retina
My rods and cones enabling me to see
The detined? jaguar and out the paper? system like atari
I propel your port, then teleport to heliports for clear landing
Lookin' over overlooked then standing under understanding
The sands in your hour glass of an hour past mass assimilation
Pegging united nations and mad coarse mind erasing
Tasting thought and smelling fear, your running where
I can follow way back to baby birds, smile while some? unswallows
Grinnin' while clinchin' bitches with britches
My lyrics emit stenches like bums at park benches plus green like grinches
Play got mad courts so fuck mad props
Stoppin watches hold on hostages but not selective hostages
Make quick to ass marriages, kickin over baby carriages
Crammin' your balls in your mouth so I can make stuffed cabbages
Cast the lightnin' rod ravages
Lyrics tight like a speedo
Puncturin punks in ohio
People scream holy toledo do we blow
To fuck up at all times
My imagination ran away with me to find out where I lost my mind

Stand amazed and watch as we turn this world upside down
And drain the planet of elements
I destroy solar systems while conquering galaxies
Causing minds to short circuit
When I fly in for input like Johnny Fine
Who stole my metal plated exoskeleton
While I had an addiction
For planetary destruction that accumulates 
An appetite for megabytes of electricity
So stay tuned like John Ritter when I broadcast dimensions of
Satellite receptions in television sets
The outer limits quote lyricists to one of the world traumatic state
We simpleton metamorphosin
I'm constantly tortured by nature to destroy the evil systems
With my magnetism
My minds plussed from calculating blood scenes
Rates I got 4.21 gigawatts of electric volt
To dates our brain been speaking in speeds of eighty-eight miles per hour
Activating our eternal flux capacitator
Slow enough to time travel back to the future
Now we're forced by our torture crane
Earthlike forces like powder until the globe shatters
[Da Cryptic One]
My mental's quite phenomenal
My sharp wit slits and split your abdominal
Surgical cesarian i'm a barbarian
Carryin syntax phat to the end of my battleaxe
I'm quick to attack the wack embedding the axe in the thorax
And feel the impact of my mind weaponry
Verbal supremacy essentially
I'm centuries ahead of the resort enemies sent to me by the men I feed
In command of the armies who can't understand my strangeness
Your brainless, in my land that's a heinous crime
I'm soldering, reconnecting loose connections
In the cerebral section of your minds by using rhymes
Puncturing to the surface, your brain cells of the wordless
Hypodermic needles to the cerebrals of all you feeble people
Liquid cryptic crystal slips to your mind muscle
Swallowing blood core pussels by the ton
Attacking the cerebrum to your son
While my sessions left, it connects like the internet
I insect with the elec-tricity
Distribution of electrocution that holds my vicinity
My mentality be the rap scene 
That attack bacteria between inferior ears
The web superior mental pioneers quotings of ear
Brain damage, throwin language through your mortal ear

Witness this atomic sickness 
Merging madness with mystics
Witness this atomic sickness 
Merging madness with mystics
Inevitably, you was bound to see
The angry usc?? and the atoms family
Represents my origin, it's a plagued society
None can get as high as me 
There's no I in me
So stop, look, listen, learn
Inhale the smoke of emcees that are burned like a perm
I straighten out while you make left turns on right angles
I mangle, demolish, ripping cartilage
Erode skin from skeleton, spitting vocal tarnish
Now when lightning struck, I pick pumpkin from his harvest
And carve this scripture in stone, from the twilight zone
They said they was gonna laugh
But all I heard was the moans of clones
And fraudulent carbon copies, sloppies like joe
Can't interpretate or understand my flow
Periodically I stand alone floating on H2O
So i'm metabolizing, walk back to the black hole
The skies the limits
Am I allowed to hover in the upward position
Like ???? between the misting?? ??? of flowers
On moonbase one orbiting satellite frozen in silence
Like an astronaut with cable detached form an airlock
On a space station, cybernetic lens focus
More or less lookin' to the corner
I came up on a pictionary frame 
More foresight than metroplex cd??
That transform without a warning
Gravity must be joking as planets float
To a small opening for white men that expired over 'em
As the sky begins
It changes sight like black and white like dog vision
Are you ready for my wisdom
Hologram of the mangled remains of an evacuated astrotrain
That drift solemnly through the astroplanes of my brain
A brave scientist with the brain of Einstein turn into a pill of salt
While looking at my face expression
That was chisled on the side of the moon through electron telescope
My first steps of my gravitational boots on this planet
The four corners the earth split
I have a headache that's the size of Uranus
By the turn of the century brains'll be studied
For time machine capabilities
I am the light that star spread the fires on crews and even galaxies
Why test, watch me infest this whole planet
Spreading bubonic misstep floats two inches from the granite 
And then find new planets to inhabit
Then transmit audio frequencies, plague emcees 
Ravage, you manage to do damage to your metabolism
That true, inject the serum and ooze from your speaking mechanism
Like prison, twistin, listen
I fly like a griffin
It's in my chromosomes, leave your chromes at home
This lyric adroit???? spring out contraption over domes
And being droned thru zones, hold zone
Folding clones into origami, reshift through my body
Into a super computer with 10,000 gigabytes
Then triggers lights when intruders enter sight 
Of this dimensional universe diverts actions causin' crews to burst
Into fractions crashin' into minds like twenty car collisions
My mission to imprison enemies in torture chambers
Where theres no intermission
Straight through fake crews like incisions
Into the ventricle, tenticle, twisted like pretzels
Or retarded kids genitals, chemicals
Grotesque experiments gouging out your optics
Rob to your gooey garments
Decorate your territory like garnish
Plague harnesses this earth dodging comets that burst
Like an appendix and send this to the outer limits of my subconcious
Hang you off the legends of nonsense
Over your body i'm standing
Whistling eerie tunes
Piercing wombs of those who bare future wack lyricists
Pumpkinhead and Doom will assume position
An old transformer named Galvatron sits on Cybertron
Singing songs to the mentagon of the pentagon
Welcome to a labmans monies hearts
Pentagrams in a handled map with money carts
People are now coughing and choking from the hazards of plutonium plates
In the centural transit tokens which used to be silver and gold
People rapidly turn as old as the crosses they hold
Earth becomes one giant radioactive building
Souls unwarrant the age of four
Your son knows you can't take this anymore
Lest we go outside, your boy finds out you have never seen a sunset before
As he sits encased in plastic, wrapped in
Become an underground city til' the wall dries you never knew existed
On the platforms and the rap swarm like rodan above the road down
Try to escape the holland tunnel
As a man he yellin sarcasm to the ill we give thanks
As we remove his backpack and turns to the left aisle of his tank
I now look at the buildings and use the stand with great erection
To the earthquake in Malacha to the Mississippi river
To split the planet into sections
[Chorus] - 2X