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Artist: Atoms Family
Album:  Centa of Da Web/Beyond Human Comprehension EP
Song:   Most Can't Comprehend
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Hook 4x [Pharoah Monch Sample]
Most of you can't even comprehend what I am saying to you 
Even in my human form the message I'm relaying

On your path choke you long, destructicon from a star beyond
Quote cybertron, I live long as I dance with the wolves and fires gone
I shoot hydro full on over frozen palm like Galvatron
My mind melted beyond oxide genre H2O
Your face is slow, trust nothin but our central fear
I'm on my third world like planningham??
When I die you have appendages
Fought like ?? behind your standing bare
The electric chair will welcome you to my house
It's a very, very, very fine house
Sit on the couch as you're awaiting
My simulating shape changing room that is modulating
Cause flow again, as a man sits on the podium
While he plays his nickelodeon
Different toons exploded in his uton?? fair demise
I won the nobel prize for decapitating unicorns
And using it's blood in horn to re-energize

Hook 2x

Your silicone based face
I hibernated for ages in an unbalanced gravity shade of haley's comet
Like grizzly bears in the mountains
Lights and rims fire infrared contact lens zooming
Blueprints of a six million bionic range eights charged warhead with bad wiring
Biochemical sniper suit exoskeleton hologram projections
Or prototype 693, rolling down rotating corridors likely
Emergency mind gives a needle for the helpless
The tones of whispers for the ward in your brain scribbles
When I speak in like signals, battletechs on all connects
Virtual reality goes onto computer souls and circuit boards
Space the final frontier
A mere defeated in mankind cords in a gravitational pull two miles and closing
I'm in orbit with more techs locking coordinates over target
I'm bizarre like the outer limits but first answer script doodles was lighter
Hair on fire was faster, sound the light ya like paul? ????
If you don't answer them right
My eyes designed to play tetris and radioactive  
Red three dimensional graphics might hurt your boy
Life is just an illusion to me
Your thoughts are worth to da web minds like every penny

Hook 2x

[Cryptic One]
I'm so sick
Non melodious flows get dipped quick to the cryptic liquid acetate
I assulate, watch as it breaks down microcosmic organisms
Electromagnetic mechanisms enable me to envision your central nervous system
As it collapses, the rest of your body exposed to my lyricals
Convert your deformed physical form to gases
My mind surpasses, there is no medical term for the chemical germ
I'm dropping toxics, causing perpetual burn to your optics
Invisible tentacles squirm to your mental pockets
Releasing heat in your cranium radiate, part of uranium
I'm paintin 'em vivid abstract, center structs the flux of normal mortals
Brain function mediate, mental corruption of mind
Facilities lacking abilities lyrically causing left right destruction
I will bend light by busting lyricals
Change light to an elliptical device
Bent by heat by dissentiance, intelligence defeat the weak
Bones are flown, thrown in the sediments
As protestant reverends were outside my home protesting my grotesque experiments
With human intelligence with irrelevance to this event
Is it the end or is it a fact that most of you can't even comprehend

Hook 4x