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Artist: Atoms Family f/ Molecule
Album:  Centa of Da Web-Beyond Human Comprenhension EP/Atoms Family Vol. 1
Song:   Molecule
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Welcome to oblivion
May the prophets won't put you in this one
As i'm burning 3D polygons through a changer quintessons 
Stands on the moon holding the american flag like Rae Dawn Chong
I concentrated hard before them laugh in a concentration camp
I stare into the dark and near the day as I thinks on clay
As a man stands on a pile of bones playin the saxophone
He grabs his brain, and witness are engulfed in flames
My eyes risen to believers 
So I took pictures of this mandarin orange mushroom
That trends future earth into ruins like siberia
As children thats missed? on monkey bars in an air by far
As angry woman flamin' exoskeleton
Yellin' in honor like Sarah Connor
A handful of survivors known as rebels fights centuries
In future wars with sick swords
As their molecular dust crumbles
From chemicals, experimental cybernetic essential it's fly
Amazin' guy, ???? finals, into trouble often
It's a long line if you mens walk through a gamma ray doorway
And green electron rays examine brains
Madly be moving artificial limbs implanting data chips in your cerebrum
Can this be our worlds outcome