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Artist: Atoms Family f/ Cryptic One, Molecule
Album:  Centa of Da Web/Beyond Human Comprehension EP
Song:   Ill Visions
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[Hook 2x]
Tired of the mind...
Tired of the mind...
Tired of the mind...
Ill, ill visions ill ill visions in my head

[Cryptic One]
On each and every one of your brains walls
Brandin' y'all with word neanderthal
You're all cro-magnon in comparisons
Of the words that i'm landin or ran in
I'm sensing very low comprehension
Your feeble mind just not understandin

Your nots understandin how I come in forms
Of positive or negative electron storms
My mind is going, I ride on the sun ejected hydrons
I impact kids to my all blackened ballerina lady when there's no force
Molecular shoots planets like the walls

[Cryptic One]
The walls of mental midgets fidgets with small words
Heards destored verbs blurring your optical nerves
My colorful words float like tropical birds over abandoned islands
Signifyin my covert thought
Unlimited supply flyin for mental energy source

My mental energy source give me the power
To divert the course of asteroid rivers with my fingers
Prepare, for i'm the coming of something that eats planets
I throw your bones across the moons surface
And in the word of command, it's spoken
I read scriptures in nocturnal vision

[Cryptic One]
Nocturnal vision enables sight at night
As it takes flight in patterns and infrareds
Swing down on any of you prayin til the dead
My thoughts are collected by nest of the mountain crest
My intelligence verbal resonance 
Enables me to kill emcees without hesitance

Without hesitance, I transform into a plasma cannon like galvatron
All you seeing was a colorful stream of base beams
You bend your optical lens, I press send on my computer arm
And a multitude of fiery ons electrical charged fireballs

[Cryptic One]
Fireball graphic images fool around me with nimbleness
And imaginary combat with my platoon
In a danger room in a small moon orbiting neptune
Using lyrical attack tactics to destroy these abstract visions
They're holographic

Holographic visions of martians heard through on some ships
Like columbus, the sun slowly beams us from radiation dust
I walk through a paranormal patch screen
Into a land where my skin change color like zartan
Words is blown to oblivion

[Hook 2x]