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Artist: Atoms Family
Album:  Centa of Da Web/Beyond Human Comprehension EP
Song:   Exposure
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My mathematical equations is quite simple
Jestone puts a microphone multiplied by the square root
Of ATOMS equals destruction
Upon my induction to the cipher, equillibriums malfunction
Rappers become dysfunctional, I smile as I kick my freestyles
Meanwhile niggas get senile in future lands 
Went non profile of that gilligans isle
You didn't believe in my style
So I was advised to come back from rollin with ATOMS into reality
Kickin my beats and nonsense parenthesis, decist
Your enthesis, soliloquy on my philosophy
Deports will be banished for eternity
My lyrical plagues a disease, think of my mentals in my other babies
Couldn't comprehend what I make believe
I pretend I was a tree and yell timber
The fencing sword becomes one, it's done
Foes like ???? drippin out your nose
Any body parts exposed we closed recomposed when I blow kisses of death
By the mistletoes exact patterns
I'm of the most popular chose
Methods used to house my lyrical domino effects
Who the next to get in line
Usin' dues as I penetrate plus psychoanalyze the inner schematics of your mind
As I design new flows to inflict chaos like coalang
Whenever there's trouble, I'm here on the double
But I'm not down with the bloodhound gang
I'm down with ATOMS, untest

[Cryptic One]
Sometimes when I feel immerseless I write verses
In reverse invertive cursives
On highly reflective surfaces, sold medical services
Who be needed when I'm hurting kids perceptions
Cause my flows cast no visual reflection
Ya look and ya lose ya sense of direction
You can't visualize mines lyrical guise
Eyes wind to see a third eyes blinds side to blind ya
Ya cries enable me to find ya
Vanagees?? are harnessed, penetrates the darkest darkness
Ya souls in crisis, ya lifeless carcass gets hurled to the farthest
Regions of outerspace where you cowards pace for hours before your demise
Are getting erased by my meteor showers
Powers from this cosmic trioptic deposit logic elements
The greatest, decipher my pages are affected by contagious intelligence
The only thing that stops the atomic sonic process is antibiotic bacteria
It breeds in the cranal 'terior of your inferior
Could you possibly understand?
Of course you don't you feeble humans
That is why it is you that i'm consuming in a rapper rate
I attack you fakes who vocally fail to fascinate
Ya contaminated all the domes that I captivated

As I approach the center
Ya felt like a roach exposed to pesticides
Like raid combat, cataracts developin in the eyes
Others physically tries to envisit my rhymes
Strictly for the mental 
Dental records are needed to identify the medically slain men
Became of Aids of those who got expermed, exposed
Til my minoxidil rhymes developing side effects like nausea paralysis
I play mental scrabble to rattle your thought processes
Scientific methods of this hypothesis
But some of it's a way to zoom in weed spot by the bonfire
The desire to take my tests
As I tease, cause misery confrontin your confidence
I stress the stench of burning flesh
Made you stop jumping rope to the hold of the jesterer
I'm a molesterer, you scream you gon' tell like webster
When you enter my center, usin' tactics like dr. mindbender
To send a emcee to there enda their sanity
As I proceed through transport messages by way of fiberoptics
To some of the atoms family
Maybe a triangle, simultaneously upon their arrival
Niggas data sent to me by your velocity that exceeds the speed of light
And despite my contorture ya 
If ya approach my centa, enta my domain

[Cryptic One]
It seems that these emcees are practically paraplegics
Needed paramedics when I plaster them with a plasma blast
For tryin to parachute off the heights of my paragraphs
Pretend ya parasites bite, drop shock by electrical energies
These foolish enemies try to enter the centa of the web
With silky threads and trap entire empires
You pretend to enter you fail
Your souls now enriched with german trails
I blaze trails in a blazer and he's on in a nissan to find paths
The lab scientist tried to recreate my style using math and graph
Like sine and cosine, while the military cosigns
Million dollar loans create clones of the cryptic ones ability on microphones
It's simple, i'm usin' my mind, create fortlines
Using lyrical abilities cause massive seismic activity
My third eye thinks quickly, vibrating, shaking telepathically causin catastrophe
To any of you mortals who dare chase after me
Back to my domain where my brains more pervious to attack
An impregnable fortress collapse, ya weak acts for attempting to thrack
This abstract atomic flower, composin flows to decompose in negative red light
Like photographic exposure