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Artist: Atoms Family f/ Da Cryptic One
Album:  Centa of Da Web Beyond Human Comprehension EP/Atoms Family Archives Vol. 1
Song:   Da Cryptic One
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It's apparent to me my flows go over heads like transparancies
For projectors, metal detectors alert me to 
Your attempts to enter the web sector
The organic morphine texture for walls of my minds hazy
Eyes gaze for days in amazement at the maze in words that i'm raisin'
At extraordinary rates
I'm coordinating breaks and frozen metal places
I skate metaphoric figure eights and slowly rotates
The ninety degrees and the infinite synergies descending
Through the entities and dense enemies minds my rhymes are mending
I drop rains and lots of hot flames by my minds three octane unleaded fuel
I beheaded fools with tools lent to me
From the surgeon friends from the 23rd century
The intensity the heat felt will melt foes
Instantaneously intensities cross globes
At the same time my rhymes change minds
And recepted through the effective
Attack the strange times connected line tracks and flows
So as we talk we grow like eaves thought sowed???
Primes enforced to the forced faults of the pro-gressin'
Mind maneuver master messenger
From the other side blessin ya
With an abnormal opening of a portal 
See the three eyes of the immortal being
Observe the sights ya see and learn
Or ignore, continue disagreeing and burn