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Artist: Atoms Family
Album:  Centa of Da Web/Beyond Human Comprehension EP
Song:   Cryptic, Delta, Vast Aire, Vordul Freestyle
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[Cryptic One]
Cryptic one the beginning genesis when I start
Killin off emcees with intelligence their feeble irrelevance
Get crushed like I was a large stampede of giant elephants
Developin intelligent flows that envelop kids
Like the mist of a gorilla, I get political like Dennis Miller
Still i'm iller with a big screen, killin off little or big fiends
It doesn't matter, splatter your matter across galactic regions
Seizin emcees hearts a season when i'm seizin them with seasoning salt
It's season of a salt, and I attack these wack thugs 
Turn into slugs and I attack with salt
Leave em stribblin on the asphalt, ya ass was at fault
That's why i'm blastin you, don't be asking who
The names cryptic, ripped it
Atoms family you know, we cause catastrophe
Disaster be on the horizon risin when I start to rhyme
I'm in a different league, a different plateau, I smack foes
Transform their structure to a statue, and I attack you
Tattoo my name on your brain so i'm always in your thoughts
Of course the cryptic one tosses flows like a frisbee
Or more like an aerobe, my flow be incredible
It's not edible, don't try to eat it
Emcees get defeated whether they weeded or not
I drop hot heat with cannibal ox and delta felt the flow
Yeah I know it's a cryptic one, atoms fam damn
Fam' of lambs destroys wack emcees across the land
I'm tossin man into a hot pit of flames
It's deranged the way that I cause pain to the lame brains
With painted pictures, vocal scriptures, rip ya in half and laugh
Hover like a hovercraft, I love to blast a wack editor region
They can't understand it when I transmit flows
Dammit yo, you can't even see mine when cryptic start to rhyme
I climb mountains, doubtin emcees got the skills
To get with this cliffhanger, double banger, leave you hung
When I use my translucent nooses to wring brains

I wring rhymes like fabric, magical emcee
Tragic jewels get dropped from the tongue
Of the well hung in terms of scrotal vocalism
Localism, hip hop globalism
Vision of polyester
My style'll rock Atoms Family/Addams Family member like Fester
Check it represent it off of the head
Spread like my hair when I get it freshly shave
I crave hip hop til I be in my grave
Save enslaved to the pine box
My rhyme knocks on your door
Let me in, I climb up the stairs
And I be up in ya attic, second story
My second story will bless ya territory
Out in Long Island, my bomb stylin
Now ya know everytime I hyphenated my whole prose
Intellectualize and just flex the wise vision
The way that i'm livin
My rhyme'll glisten like a five sided prism
And i'm out like water in a drought

[Vast Aire]
When we rain upon men, I stand on the rainbow ill spectrum
Thats roy g biv, enter the adventures of
Yo, I fly like a dove, yo, i'm Vast Aire, who are you?
No emcee can compare, who are you? 
All emcees I see through
The mic is stuck in my left hand like crazy glue
Crazy horse, crazy force, and it better be with you
My master is Yoda, you crazy 
Taught you the Obi Wan, the oldest son
The only one that blasts off
And takes flight like a falcon
Yo, I drop science in pigeon
Iron galaxies surrounds me, fuck up ya division
Cannibal Ox fucked up the position
Yo i'm freestylin, i'm wildin, you listening?
It'll cost nothing to pay attention
When I rhyme to your temples, it cause tension
Yo i'm Vast Aire, i'm flexin
But I got more cellulite than muscle
And i'm etchin and i'm inchin closer to the sun
And i'm supposed to get darker
The metallin melanin protein fuckin up the scene
With the rhyme scheme when the lyrics leave my mouth
They look like light beams
Yo, I think i'm outta this
I ask my sister why do you cry sis in this crisis
Then I sit back on the moon and rode the papers of Isis
Like an egyptian, eclipse men
Take their light from them, blind them

Blind them, you could never find him
Who he, that nigga V chillin' 
Just like a villian, everyday spillin'
Ill lyrics hit spirits, tap physics
Niggas don't know the life I live
Just a cat righteous kid
All I got, all I give, all I know, all we flow
Cannibal O, plus the x, lust to sex, bust like techs
Bustin' flow over mics
You know the life, hold it light
Niggas'll blow ya types off the earth
Livin' it worse, nothin but thirst
On the mics livin' it like
Like a pigeon, trapped in system, rap with prisons
Peace to my nigga Rod trapped in the system
Come back home, relax and glisten
How we rhyme, now listen
I start flowin' courts i'm pissing on
Niggas is warned on this flow
I'm dangerous bro, fuck all you know
G.I. Joe, half the battle
I stay rattlin' like the snake
Stay battlin' any emcees tryna see
I drop degrees, can't flow with me
Spell it with a V plus the O
R then the D U L, you niggas fell
I drop jewels, school fools 
Niggas don't know we drop tools
Niggas can't fuck with mine, I shine forever
Vordul Mega, one time bodega chillin
Oh shit niggas start ....