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Artist: Atoms Family
Album:  Centa of Da Web/Beyond Human Comprehension EP
Song:   Alaska Freestyle #3
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I peep the language
I strangle kids like Jack the Ripper
When I use a sack to trip up Santa Claus
He fell off the roof like Tim Allen
I put the coat on
It doesn't matter because I have a coat of paint on my house
In camoflauge, I'm at the camel lodge and uh, cram a log into a fireplace
I am the one who will just fry ya face in my frying pan
Like a toxic avenger
I am toxic because I entered different types of indian point containment units
I am the one who has my brain
I shoot it out of my nose when I sneeze too hard
I am the one who has a crew that is um, a log
It's a lump on a frog, it doesn't matter because I give warts when I kiss toads
Doesn't matter because my missle erodes
Like um, different types of rivers in Colorado
I am the one who flies like a swallow when I swallow different pelicans
I'm in hell again, import purgatory when I purge the gory
And I have um, dispurged all myself from all the sins and then I rise
Swing bicycles, I have them down at the pawn shop
I see pawns drop, never mind my perching arch
I have a bench bow with torn string
I taunt you then I sing
It doesn't matter because I have different types of things 
Placed inside my head like a toy box
Jack in the box when I ejac you
If I was in the west coast
It doesn't matter because I eat the best toast in the morning
When I go to friendlies, I'm more than friendly
Doesn't matter because on Friday I am the day early
I am the one who has different types of squirrels
They hide in trees on my front yard
I am the one who doesn't front, I'm not hard
I just am a lyricist
I'm quite a genius
It doesn't matter because I have different texture