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Artist: Atherton
Album:  No Threat
Song:   No Threat
Typed by: Atherton

Q-Tip told me Joni Mitchell never lies
so I really can't listen to her music
I just can't trust a human who is that honest
I need fiction if I'm to get through it

Ta-take-take take a little time
to tell my mind it's all right
Ta-take-take take a little time
to tell my mind it's just fine
Ta-take-take take a little time
to tell my mind it's all right
No-no-no-no threat
just white lies

I tamed that lion for all to see
They clapped and cheered "Oh revere me~!"
"What courage!" they'd say on their feet all applauding
But behind the scenes the beast had false teeth
Hip dysplasia, and two bum knees
A tad bit more fierce than the house cat breed 
The gig was too sweet to give up foor simple truth
I was three ring circus headlining Babe Ruth
Young men were moved, inspired by my bravery
And young women swooned when I glanced at 'em aimlessly
Place no blame on me for puttin on a show
Taking nothing from nobody no threat - oh
I'll stick with the fiction ride it out 'til the death
Place my head in his jaws and only fear bad breath
Knowing clear in my head it's all a white lie
How could it be be wrong when it feels so right?


Cigarettes are harmless, yeah spark and soak them in
Some surgeon invented carcinogens
And cancer to be frank doesn't even exist
Nor does AIDS, the plague, no one's at risk
Might come as a shock but I've uncovered much more
Never has or will be anything called war
Vietnam was some kids play-fighting in a forest
Misinterpreted by a couple pof tourists
who went back to the States saying Nam was in trouble
Media exaggeration cause quite the kerfuffle
You might say "Whoa wait what about the people that died?"
They're on vacation still, using death as an alibi
Same goes for all wars, give or take some details
At least it helps GI Joe boost sales in retail
And thee's money in those "support our troops" bumper stickers
This economy's flawless, everybody's getting richer!


Okay you gotta half convince yourself you're not bluffing
And ask yourself whatchu know about nothing
Yeah whatchu whatchu know about nothing at all
Get a blank slate brain buffed back to white wall
Then write all history present and future
Then you get platinum - where once was pewter
Then you master - where once was loser
Now you got rafters - where once was sewer
Now you got phone number over rejection
No lonely summer, you're swimming in pleasure
Opening shutters solely locked by your head trips
Holding the thunder only gods can connect with
Invest in the heavens where haloed angels sing
Where they bow in your presence kiss the ring of the king
And everything's connected, everything's true
You gotta believe me (why would I lie to you?)