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Artist: Atherton
Album:  No Threat
Song:   Lights Out
Typed by: Atherton

Lights, they took 'em out {*2X*}

They took out my lights, right?
And my lifeline, my "nite brite" and my
little bit of everything necessary
Shadows wanna get off, at midnight they're buried
Permanent eyelid up on my iris
Fully coated cover no color I'm blinded
Nothing more to see here folks
Cause there's no more folk for me to see yeah
And nothing more to see here folks
cause these eyes just quit and got up to leave
on some - I can't believe my eyes
Now take that back and reverse it like
my eyes cease to believe 
what they see upon this earth its
not right what we put in our cornea
From neighborhood to national news it's all the same
Pump that junk in your system I'm warning ya
Your retina's reluctant to play the game
Sally saw herself get raped last night
Now she's haunted by the perfect purity of white light
And Bobby got beat 'til blood poured out his head
now everything he sees he correlates with the color red

[CHORUS: repeat 2X]
my little bit of EVERYTHING
They took out my SIGHT SIGHT SIGHT
now I can't see a thing

Ohhhh~! It's all a blur, before the veins in my eyes popped
But I remember bearing witness to chaos
A mish-mash of mishaps from malice to mayhem
where kids dance to sick jams in the palace of Satan
Yeah it's waiting for you the moment you wake up
You can't ever turn it off, you just gotta take it


December, is a two-sided coin - be careful
If life is good, it is the best of times
But if you're feeling down - be careful
Find a place to hide away, and wait for a quieter day