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Artist: Atherton
Album:  No Threat
Song:   Kid on a Corner
Typed by: Atherton

Allllright then!
You ready guys?
My friends have some musical stories to tell
Sweet and sad, love affairs gone bad
Adventures, we've all had
And scenes, we know so well
{"Here's a little story I gots to tell, about..."}

I met a kid on the corner with sticky fingers from the poster paste
promoted new ish, but liked hip-hop from the olden days
the "yes yes y'all" right up until the golden age
Said indie rap was a bunch of white kids who didn't know there place
I said "I noticed eh? Sometimes I feel like that too"
I mean myself, that new jack, with ill fitted shoes
Never rocked shell toes or had a fresh Puma suit
but in my defense my excuse is I was only two
Didn't have global news on all the dopest of crews
What I got was Kriss Kross and some MC Hammer tunes
but it enamored my view, and though they may have faked funk
It was enough for my teacher to name me, MC Devin in grade one
And it stayed umm, I remember that halloween
Brown face paint saying "ya can't touch this" trick or treat
Yeah, this is me long before I ever wrote a verse
My genesis of bending scripts I'll lend you for what its worth

[CHORUS: repeat 2X]
I'm telling you why you w-ould
give the time you c-ould
before I die you sh-ould
listen to me ee ee

Raised on the East of Canada's capital
Orleans up the boulevard next to Chapel Hill
Paxil pills are gladly filled so that composure is kept
And middle class walk the line between disposal and debt
Composed in the "Westside" by Tony and Maurene
Second of three kids stuck in the middle with me
When I reached 2, moved to that Ottawa suburb
Upbringing was beautiful never ask for another
but yep yes digress from the topic at hand
I'm sure you wanna know how I began rocking the jam
Well at age 12, I started to smoke L's
Had a knack for the craft of freestyle I flowed well
How I really attached to rap to break fates law
I chalk it up to pure magic and "je ne c'est quoi"
either way my friends fuckin loved it when I'd rhyme
In retrospect - they were all very high


Age 20 ditched the spliff did 4 months of rehab
where I wrote raps and learned not to make mother feel sad
I'd peel back pages rampant rhymes from my head
smudging ink with my fist over the lines that I'd pen
stuff wouldn't dry quick enough before the next thought
So if, I'm sort of a mess call it, part of the art
by 2006 had an album I was proud of
took it on the road, live show getting crowd love
Took some college courses on the music business
Graduated formed a band with classmates of shared interest
Band broke up, I started on this solo record
and just as everything was coming together
computer crashed I lost it got a phone call quick
Paul wants to make an album The Leathers dropped hot shit
and we're still rocking but I had ta get this off my chest
I am Atherton I am "No Threat"


[scratched repeated 3X]
{"Listen up everybody"} {"listen to this stylo while I"}
{"Let me finish this, remiscin and tellin"}

{"I was sittin on the corner just a wastin my time"}
{"Ah when I realized..."}

Now going back to that kid on the corner with the posters
who liked old ish yet was a new school promoter
I couldn't help but laugh when I became conscious
those posters he was putting up had my name on it

Listen to the musn'ts, child
Listen to the don'ts
Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts
Listen to the never-haves
and, listen close to me
Anything can happen child
Anything can be