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Artist: Atherton
Album:  No Threat
Song:   Hate Her Face
Typed by: Atherton

I hate that I hate, that I hate that I hate
I'm much better off then the games that are played
I got a gold medal in cold blood and smut peddlin
Appears that my peers wanna sit down and settle in
(I'm rejecting it - nah) not part of the plan
Anchor this tanker? Negative, Cap-i-tan
Take your dingy ashore for sandcastles and sunsets
Hand on your heart, and your head in the oven
Somethin struck a chord, when I up and left the Lord
for the Devil's playground, where the hunger gets explored
Lust - never gets ignored, trust - needs no reward
We live and die all of our own accord
Gorges are not earned they're deserve
while you french kiss her feet on your knees insecure
So definitely sure, so effortlessly true
I love that I love that I don't, want, you

[CHORUS: repeat 2X]
I don't wantchu I don't wantchu I don't wantchu
I don't wantchyour.....LoooooVE

[Guest Rapper 1]
I'll wait for the weight that you place on my chest
it goes straight to my face and it's clear I'm a mess
And the fear's not addressed but the voicemail trickles
and there's blame and there's fights but I'm just not listening'
(la la la la) I got my hands on my ears
and I'm trapped in a cycle get deposits from beers
Thanks to late night doorstep frank reassurance
I'm three sheets deep and I don't give a shit
Cause it's only ever gonna be the thing I built up
to break and immobilize and torture your love
You got Stockholm Syndrome - I don't think so
Locked your door, but I kicked in your window
Been so needy and greedy it's all me
and my few redeeming qualities are all you can see
Won't let it be, that Paul's a McCartney
Can't seem to recall when I gave more than part me


[Guest Rapper 2]
I've got my spine, I've got my Orange Crush 
Leather gloves, 'lo RL, no more love
I kicked rocks in my thick socks, pissed off
Coma through my soma, pillow glazed in your lip gloss
I think your waking life's in my cobra clutch
From breaking ice to the both of us, sobered up
Looked me in the eyes sayin' "Grab me by the throat just once"
(A pleasant memory) Abandon all hope and fuck
Shapeshifter, blurry face, hazy playlist
Cerebrum reserved for ish I'm sayin over bass kicks
You knead at my nerves, but it's tapered to a faint hiss
Motormouth squakin so I'm on my David Blaine shit
Mute lifted, now I'm feelin' pressed for time, and uh
Loose lips need a Kegel exercise, and uh
Jaw jabberin, I gotta sever ties
I'm Jim Carrey, you're my darlin Clementine, c'mon~!