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Artist: Astronomy Class
Album:  Exit Strategy
Song:   Heatseeker
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[Verse 1: Lotek] 
Brush my shoes off and bend my peak 
Clear my throat and I'm ready to speak 
Allow me to introduce yours truly 
This sound hits like a kicking in the goolies 
Now you sing soprano 
Ja no techno - connnect like Meccano 
There are no equals, check the info 
I can kill a soundboy with just the intro 
So - flash your lighter in the atmosphere 
Im here, the other side of the atlas 
Left far to UK, wanna check my display 
Won't stop until I get a rewind by DJs 
And this sounds passe but life's a cliche 
People sell their souls on eBay these days 
I don't watch eee ays I make my advance 
With an ace up my sleeve, I take a chance 

[Chorus: Ozi Batla with Lotek] 
This gambler's luck must run out soon 
So before the key change I'm out of tune 
This cloudy view shows blurry sunshine 
Heard the punchline - laughed regardless 
See who laugh lasts laughs the hardest 
Dance on the grave of a former master 
In this amber-washed town 
One foot forward - feels good for now 

[Verse 2: Ozi Batla] 
Pot off the backburner in fact turn the lights up 
Lock in like heatseekers 
Hit the loud speaker, metal head to raver 
Check the Yellow Pages - sound and optics 
Don't try to stop this - roll the tape please 
Note how under-evolved these apes seem 
Like dreams of robots, I'm a ghost dog 
Who rolls like tumbleweeds - holds the humble weed 
Stroll cold streets in golden rays 
Don't seek olden days - I speak from them 
Unique conundrum to beat the hum-drum 
From A.U.S.T. to streets of London 
Speak with one tongue, a million eyes 
And kill all them lies that we can't get on 
Cos for now I got cards worth betting on 
But not letting on - what you sweating on?


[Verse 3: Lotek and Ozi Batla] 
It feels good for now but then moments pass 
So as I hold this glass questions pose and ask 
Is it full or empty? Sparse or plenty? 
How long's a piece of string? Can you tell me? 
I'm not sure, if it's short as time is 
Long enough to wrap up the thoughts of rhymers 
A small reminder - a day for each dog 
Like when the dance floor favoured these songs 
It's true sometimes you might blink and it's gone 
And just when you might start thinking it's wrong 
It seems the path is long and you're on it 
The truth is just a lie when you try to be honest 
Big slick I'm promising - a cryptic prophet 
Lifting off lids when DJs drop this 
What hits today may miss the mark later 
The chance to take big chips are fast fading

[Chorus] {X2}