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Artist: ASAP Rocky f/ Main Attrakionz, Ol' Dirty Bastard
Album:  LiveLoveA$AP
Song:   Leaf
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[uncredited Ol' Dirty Bastard sample]
I'm so happy, you know um
You know I looked at the crowd and you know I
I look at my fans, I look at they faces, they expressions
And I know that damn well, we are some partyin mother, fuckers

[ASAP Rocky]
Tired of these rappers, tired of these jackers
I'm tired of these dances by these backpackers
And I'm sick of all these hipsters, I'm sick of phony niggaz
I'm sticking to these bitches cause I'm sick of all these sisters
I'm sick and tired of tryin to survive, I'm sick tired of my environment
I'm sick and tired of feelin deprived, I'm one of a kind when in my climate
I'm sick and tired of your facade and all of your lyin and yo' diamonds
I'm basically sick and tired of feeling sick and tired
(ASAP) Born in money makin Manhattan
Every nigga on my block wanna be a main attraction
Shout my nigga Squadda, shout my nigga Madre
If you disrespect them niggaz then I'm polishin the nadre
And I'm comin to yo' casa for your madre and padre
Comprende? Most of these niggaz been gay or they Stran-jay
They say I sound like Andre mixed with Kanye
Little bit of Max, little bit of Wiz
A little bit of that, little bit of this, get off my dick

I'm in your hood, you ain't got no ticket
I'm a down to Earth nigga, we could kick it
Take a hit with me... take a hit with me
Ain't on stage behind the scene, I'm probably mixin lean
Chillin with my niggaz, with my team
Why'on't you come and take a sip with me... take a sip with me

[Main Attrakionz]
Once again Mr. Back sellin crack
It's the How-to-Keep-it-Real-Nigga music on the map
Street raps, new face, sampled with no craze
Dousing myself cause I don't think the world can relate
To my surprise everyone does, so have faith
Half of the other side don't live it they push play
The young illest alive, Harlem World to the Bay
It feels good wakin up to money in the bank
Cause last year it was shoebox and lint
I only write raps just to give you niggaz hits
Every verse a gift, as you smoke like a chimney
My album comin November, that's twenty years of memory
And that's assumin I'ma live that long
If I don't, don't cry cause I ain't live that wrong
Just an artist in the purest form, I live that song
An artist in the purest form, I live that song Bambi


[Main Attrakionz]
Why fuss? I'd rather fuck
Treat her like my enemy I just wanna bust
Seven deuce, waitin on the bus
Before the boys bend the corner tryin to make a bust
Tryouts I'm tryna make the buss
Purple and the green got me on stuck
So I two-step, move my foot and keep it pushin
Always bouncin back, got it keep the cushion
And that's somethin fat, like eatin all the puddin
ASAP we got it slap, bruh good lookin
Fuck that, ASAP where I come from
Fo' five six, Ice City slums
Weed in my pocket, coke in his tongues
Buyin Swisher sweets, no mo' honey buns
Fresh white tee, bright like the sun
Only nigga round here rockin Michi-gun


[uncredited Ol' Dirty Bastard sample]
Straight up, this go out to all you RAPPERS
This go out to them lil' darlings
Them lil' kids runnin around in the schoolyards
I love you~! Keep it good, keep it good kids
Cause you know I love you
And I'll always love you