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Artist: A$AP Mob f/ Jim Jones
Album:  Lords Never Worry
Song:   Freeze
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky]
She was coming on to me, I was coming on to her
Hit the town and shoot the breeze, baby don't you fight because
She was making love to me, I was holding on to her
Hit the town and shoot the breeze, baby don't you fight because
Ah just give me that bass she listenin' to Ross now give me that face
I ain't tryin to chase tryna get the third base
Till I head the home run 321 we safe
Damn she a looka, ran outta liquor
Sweet sweet pusha, give me that gusha
I ain't tryin spit game maybe we can hook up
The Aston out front, so my nickname Kutcher
Then the day town stay nine
I'm in the state of mine like the dinner date's fine
We can go to the condo and drink wine
She want to be my girl but it'll take time
She like where the cognac why we drink wine
'cause the wine get you open heard through the grape vines
First dim the lights close the drape blinds
Then I scratch that kitty word to my K-9's
Don't spur show fur bitch real we greemin
Po learn no firm when the ship season
Got em red bottoms look like your heels bleeding
I fuck the hundred bitches to these day we still speaking
And he still creeping, got em still cheatin

[Verse 2: Jim Jones]
You sound like me in my heyday
Got em still cheatin (Yeah)
Got em still creepin (Yeah)
Text me on the phone said the panties still leaking (Nasty)
She came four times had the bitch tweaking (Tripping)
Jump up in the ride, loud how you reaking (Turn that down)
Then she went down, on lookers peeking (Somebody's looking)
I had them dark tints it's hard for them to see in (Ugh)
She bust em all loss em rollin we was leaving (Ooo!)
That's another reason, to only let the freak in (Where you at)
That type of action
Happen every third weekend (Where you at)
Took all type of trips, til my mileage got frequent (I got free flights this year)
Shit, and my proposals came decent (Uhh!)
She must've told her friends 'cause her, hands keep keyin (I saw your girlfriend last night)
About this money And V's that we be in (Woo)
We getting money new V's each season (What's this Fall?)
The champagne caught me (yep)
Vision kind of sloppy (Who dat!?), kickin' it to this broad but my speech is kind of choppy (Hey baby)
I told her let's split, her reply was copied (Word)
So when a nigga split, (Uhh!) you know we jump up in the high V (HAAAA!)
Damn I think she caught an orgasm, (Urrr!) this gold diggin bitch caught a whore spasm (Nasty)
I'm a cold nigga bitch and I the Porsche spazzing
You know the Porsche waggon, (AH!) four door cabin (Woooo! I'm on him, I'm on him)
I'm getting money so of course I'm braggin (Count that)
I had the bitch high like she was on saturn (Nah, nah, nah you aight baby)
But they get confused with my thought patterns (Uhhh)
While we smokin blunts by the port landin