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Artist: A$AP Mob
Album:  Lords Never Worry
Song:   Black Mane
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Uh, Alright

[Chorus: A$AP Nast]
Black man, white world
Blonde Spanish bitch, fucked her 'til her toes curl
Uh, got a body like Buffie though
I get on that and ride it like a Huffy ho {*2X*}

[Verse 1: A$AP Nast]
What's that Nast? Look like a Uzi
Long dick nigga, bitches love to screw me
Niggaz hating oh, tell them niggaz sue me
Say it to my face, rip 'em like some loose leaf
Smoking on that loosie (why) 'cause life's a bitch
Still won't wife the bitch, one night the bitch like psych I'm rich
Flow magic sick, fuck a cure nigga
Swagger dope, Colombian coke pure nigga
You'se a lil' nigga, eat your Wheaties ho
Nast been eating, fuck it greedy flow
Fuck these fake thugs, call 'em CB4
Snakes in my grass and I watch 'em like where my TVs ho
New York I represent it, when have you seen me don't
Say I ain't New York, bitch you see me wrong
Where the drugs at, you gon' see me zone
In the booth nigga, I call that shit my home


[Verse 2: A$AP Nast]
Hater break ya neck, bitch I'm on my Busta shit
Hoes are super sneaky, that's why I never trust a bitch
ASAP to my niggaz, grind hard cause that pays off
And fuck you to them haters who love they job and never take days off
Until that choppa buck, tip they frame, and knock they face off
Big blunt of that kush got me feeling like I'm Loso
'Cause I don't see nobody, it's like these niggaz went ghost yo
Ok, she make that booty jump, like she down with Kris Kross
Rebel socialite, shout my nigga Kristoff
Swagger shot it right, got these niggaz pissed off
And they mad cause I get chips yo, oh they shining through them thangs
Always Strive And Prosper gang and my click is iller, we run this mane
Damn eat, and we hunters mane, hunt ya down and that gun go bang
Headshot from that cannon dog, real shots no fronting mane
Gun-toting so bitch you know, young niggaz run everything
Black man in this white world