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Artist: Arsun F!st
Album:  Mood Points
Song:   Only 1
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Arsun F!st]
It only takes one mind to fuck the world up
It only takes a few dollars to make a hoe suck
It only takes one wish to come true
for a kid born with cancer to believe in you
So what are you doing? I made my mind up
It only takes one mistake to open up your eyes bruh
Can you find it in yourself to realize
that there's only one day in the rest of your life?
So what are you doing? Get off your ass
Make a difference, bring change, play a role, take a stand
But you gotta do somethin
It only takes one to be a man so the rest can stop frontin
I find strength with a cool Guinness
But the real power comes when your soul's in it
Where the sidewalk ends, this rhyme begins
But it only takes one verse to fall in love with my pen
So what are you doing? I'm not a rapper
I became an MC to write the world a different chapter
It only takes one beat to make your head nod
But you need five mics to be considered hot
Heh, really? Classic or average
What separates the best from the baddest?
Fresh from the whackness, opinions are all that really matters
Skills never counted if they did you'd be garbage
Regardless... there can only be one
There can only be one