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Artist: Armel
Album:  Armel presents Ancient Coins
Song:   I'm It
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Armel]
Keep it grungy, B.K.

When it come to gettin' dough, is a question of how low
And what extent would you go, to get this CREAM
Would you, scheme on a nigga, feeding you, cuz he's excedin' you
Throwin' shit in the game, cuz you can't maintain
I'm in a click, and what's worse, the last to get a deal
But the blow, I'll be the first, so you, can just imagine
All the shit I go through, lies and backstabbers
When I got dough, a brother broke bread then bend
So if a nigga messed up what I gave, that's them
I roll with two way bitches who cook, exotic dishes
Soufle, parle, it's like Jesus' birthday
The list'll get to long to mention on a song
So I, remain a friend, so I can hit it again
Niggas girls be wantin' to mash when I tell 'em they get mad at me
I thought you was G.O.D., but the truth shall set you free
And M.C.'s, I'm not for dolo, just right now, you hear me solo
So, when we at a club, I'm quick to spin
If my niggas don't got it, I'm quick to lend
See I've always been a class type, I'm mad right
Stay gully, two way pager and a celly
No car, bitches is funny, I got a lot of gas money
I'm it...

[Chorus 2X: Armel]
I'm it, ya'll niggas need to quit it
My whole, click, ain't on no industry shit
So to you chicks, big boned, pockin' legit
On whip, you know my niggas is wit it

I wrote this to rock a show, take that dough
I quote this, to bag your hoe, ask your hoe
If money rotate, fast or slow
Snug be at the finish line, why you still on go?
They don't know why these featherweights playa hate
Trynna be a heavyweight, take a brake
Take my tape, go home and medidate
Don't hesitate to come and see me at a later date
Oh, my mistake, I'm obligate to be somewhere out of state
I'm it, you late, it's not hard to rotate
What we create, to demonstrate, to get a full plate
Prophets, we make, if you fake, we take
Shit to another degree, but personally
My whole faculty, bustin' with no discussion
Rushin', makin' M.C.'s just wanna quit
Admit, your time's up, can't hide behind a buck
Plus the streets is talkin', and they say you suck

[Chorus 2X]

And what? For a buck, you willin' to press your luck?
I know some ancient cats, to leave ya ass stuck
So what, you meanin' to tell me, you givin' it all up?
Bullets pluck you in the eye, duck before you die
Think before you lie, women'll transform you
More than meets the eye, industry chicks, you soviet spies
Labels are like weed, try before you buy
You could get self, four June's, four July's
Live in section eight, but front in high rides
Those the type of people we mostly dispise
So if you see me and I don't speak, nigga, walk by

[Chorus 2X]