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Artist: Armel f/ Dreddy Kruger
Album:  Armel presents Ancient Coins
Song:   Freestyle (Tony Touch Cypher)
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Armel (Dreddy Kruger)]
First of all, You got C.O.I.N.S
And my man, Dreddy Kruger up in the piece youknowhatimsayin
And we gone dedicate this to my man Tony Touch
This is power cypher, We gone keep it real
This is Planet of Brooklyn in the house
(Peace to the Gods and the Earth)
Sunz of Man, Killarmy, (Sunz of Man) Royal Fam, (Wu-Tang)
Universal Kingdom, You don't stop
Yall I'm gone set it like this, Bust it

Damn I just started and you doubtin me already
What makes you think I can't keep my people rockin steady
60 seconds is somethin, I show n prove I'm not bluffin
But if an amateur try, He'll be huffin and puffin
So my advice for sucka MCs tryna be my clone
The key to this warning, Don't try to set home
Because your lungs will collapse, The songs you play will be taxed
You won't make it a half an hour, Or maybe perhaps
Nah, I'll die but you won't live to talk about it
The ones that tried they died, That's why the graveyards are crowed
And I'm out, You don't stop C.O.I.N.S
With a little somethin somthin, Youknowhatimean
1-2, 1-2-1-2