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Artist: Armel f/ Timbo King
Album:  Armel presents Ancient Coins
Song:   Destroy the Scenery Pt. 2
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Armel]
Ancient Coins, Liquid Swordz Entertainment
That album is in stores now, The legend
Ha, Check this shit out
And you don't stop, Yall niggas be careful kid, Word up, Straight up
All ya niggas fakin it in this game, All that under the table bullshit man
Straight up man, Yall niggas is wack
So were gone get right into it, Straight up

Look, Yall like what you don't like, Long as your ready to play were bein tested
To make sure we worth, What they invested
This blind man suggested I should see through the music
And use sight beyond sight, When dealin with the bullshit
7 minutes a song, That's how long it take verse
My shit is like anthrax but worse
And no anti-body to save nobody
Mentally physically fit, We practice Karate
What the heaven you gone do now, Album dates comin up
We told you we'd crash your crew, At least yall could buckle up
Critical, Our hospitable is digital
Biblical, Teach our seeds to get at you
Your miserable like your parents, And it's transparent
That they didn't follow they dreams, When they had cream
Moms opened her lego, when she got prego
Pops didn't need her, Tried to handle balida
The first single action when he did his transaction
70 pimp action, Straight satisfaction
Muthafuckas, And you don't stop
My nigga Timbo King, And you don't stop

[Timbo King]
Yeah, Yeah, Bo King Fort Knox
Knock the door down, Armel Ancient Coins
Brooklyn, Yeah, To be frankly speakin
Frank 1-5-1, Yeah, Ayo
Be careful out there on them streets
Ayo yo ayo ayo, Bo 747 crash head on
Any mic that I get on I spit on, I'm dead on
For all yall, Yo who try to portray
You get blown away into small balls of clay
So far yous a duck, With wings and a tail
Your bitch stalkin, She downstairs ringin my bell
Cause death is hell, Life is heaven
Live eternal through the power of words that's revealed through a journal
The black herbal smoke in professional lungs
Them black ratchets, The big ones professional guns
Yeah, Murder in the first, Blast first ask second
Cats heard what the fuck I said, My last record
So kick rocks, This is where your bullshit pit-stops
Blow, Twin glocks push you back 10 blocks
A half a mile, No you not laughin now
Nigga, Cowards, Be careful, The Streets is dangerous
Bo King Fort Knox, Armel, Coins, Brooklyn
Frankly speakin, Frank 1-5-1 nigga