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Artist: Armani of York
Album:  Child With a Gun
Song:   The Road
Typed by: Vinyl and Gold Records

Verse One:

Well I'm on the road again, and I'm missing home
So tired but I can't knock these beats and poems
It's fucking dark out but I can't see the stars
All I see is streetlights, and fancy cars
I came up from fucking nothin'
Got the world at my back now dawg, no more sufferin'
Just getting blunted and stunted on these hoes
Rocking fresh shit, no need to steal clothes
Million dollar dreams now we livin' those
Now we drive in Benz convoys to the shows, fancy that
These dudes will dress in black when they grab they gats
And same to the homies funeral, vest and caps
But still this fucking life is trippin' me
The people round me actin' differently
Tryin' to be my friend but you weren't missing me
When I was dead broke starvin' in this misery


I'm on the road called life, and I'm driving fast
Watch the rain hit the windshield, driving past
Working hard homie, so no time to laugh
I'm on this road called life, and I'm driving fast

Verse Two:	
I can't sleep, but I don't feel awake
Sometimes I feel like this shit is a damn mistake
Lost my girl now, but I was always late
Now I'm on the road, lonely, filled with hate
I loved you, hope we can work it out
When this shit slows down, you know what I'm about
I'm a family man, but in this drought
Strong men persevere, they don't need no help
So I got my own back, like I'm locked in cuffs
And when stress overwhelms me, I take a puff
Tryin' to think about my blessings, and how I must
Follow my dreams, so now I don't give a fuck
If you can't see who I really am
I will gladly, cut you off like limb for limb
No time to feel sadly, I know my worth
Tiger woods caddie, now you feeling blue like Smurf