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Artist: Armani of York
Album:  Child With a Gun
Song:   Rays of Light
Typed by: Vinyl and Gold Records

Verse One:

Oh no, stash the dough
Made a new game, call it bag a hoe
I must proclaim, that my soul
Is all twisted up like a tootsie roll
Puff dro in the limo, good to go
Good to go, good to go
You plain like Calico
I do all my shit for the O
T before, bleedin' raw
Go high like a see saw
You dumb better read more
No fun, hot like the core
Grab guns and there might be war
Got foh-foh's kick the door
No homo, CWAG comin' out in fuckin' stores


Coming to burn you, Rays of Light
No one concerned, you afraid to fight "afraid to fight, bitch"
Coming to burn you, Rays of Light
No one discerned you'll die tonight "you'll die tonight, bitch"

Verse Two:	

Got gold like Pharoahs
Kick dust, smell red roses
Write scriptures, different poses
Poet like Ani, now you know this
Bow to me, got love show it
Far away? Find a boat, row it
Child of God, got the nod
To bring the light in like a lightning rod
Power of Zeus, and I'm fly like goose
This the hour, ride and shoot
Ride and shoot bitch, ride and shoot
We comin' to burn you get outta sight
Wolves in the street and they ready to bite, bitch
They ready to bite, they ready to bite