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Artist: Armani of York
Album:  Child With a Gun
Song:   Motivation
Typed by: Vinyl and Gold Records

Verse One:

Livin' life, feel great
Welcome hate cuz it motivates me
Stay up late with a bag of weight
But it's only a z, I don't exaggerate
I can't sleep so I master basses
Wake up, then I bake, then I masterbate
Forget names, I remember faces
So don't wind up in the wrong places
Hates your fate and you fall so gracious
I'm drunk off life and I feel so wasted
Dreams so big but I gotta be patient
So I gotta maintain this motivation
But it feels insane that the world is waitin'
For the gates to open and the bull to race in
I see red now like a pack of Haitians
I'm motivated, and this my statement


Motivation, Motivation
Workin' hard, need vacation
Got a couple bills, bitches waitin'
That's all I need for this Motivation

Verse Two:

Wake up to gold and vinyl
Try to make you stand up, baby rhino
Always got white, call me albinho
Play bitches all day, hard piano
Hot boy like my names soprano
But when I do good, I call up bono
I eat well now, so fuck McDonalds
You warming the bench, and I'm playin' the finals
I'll piss on you like your name urinals
You dead to me... Amy Winehouse
I'm Richie Rich now, call me Lionel
Spinal chord all twisted up
Like me, head liftin' up
Motivated when I take a puff
Of that strong shit, playin' rough
All day dawg, tryin' to evade the cuffs

Verse Three:

What's your name? please remind me
Fuck the fame, but the name be Armani
Ridin' round with this bag of blow
Weight in the whip, cops cannot know
At night we drink and fuck bitches
Count stacks, we sittin' on riches
Brown packs hold the shit that gives you itches
Dead bodies? Leave em in ditches
I'm sorry but I killed the witness
Wake up, turn on the light switches
First thing in my head? Business
So I get high while you feed the fishes
Genie in a bottle gotta grant the wishes
Ferrari on the cobble, no more glitches
Money on my mind, motivated, what is this?
Well, I feed off the hatred and disses