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Artist: Armani of York
Album:  Child With a Gun
Song:   Child With a Gun
Typed by: Vinyl and Gold Records

Verse One:

Well I'm on the road again, and I'm missing home
So tired but I can't knock these beats and poems
It's fucking dark out but I can't see the stars
All I see is streetlights, and fancy cars
I came up from fucking nothin'
Got the world at my back now dawg, no more sufferin'
Just getting blunted and stunted on these hoes
Rocking fresh shit, no need to steal clothes
Million dollar dreams now we livin' those
Now we drive in Benz convoys to the shows, fancy that
These dudes will dress in black when they grab they gats
And same to the homies funeral, vest and caps
But still this fucking life is trippin' me
The people round me actin' differently
Tryin' to be my friend but you weren't missing me
When I was dead broke starvin' in this misery


Just another child with a.A GUN, A GUN, A GUN
Just another child with a.A GUN, A GUN, A GUN
Just another child with a.A GUN, A GUN, A GUN
Just another child with a.A GUN, A GUN, A GUN

Verse Two:	

Lookin' up at the stars, am I the only one?
Without a father, that's why I always run
Away from the pistols man
No I'm the fisher man
Head to the river, grab some food just to feed the fam
Can't go home 'til I got four fish or more
Need enough for everyone, eat it all raw
So sometimes I stay at the river 'til the night falls
Stay under moonlight, like tonight
Hear the bugs in flight, but make sure they don't bite
They filled with diseases, so I bring the fire light
And move swiftly, so they can't get me
Tryin' to get home fast so I move quickly
Wait I heard a gunshot, now I'm fuckin shifty
Felt a hand on my back said "you're coming with me"

Verse Three:

I woke up, like where the fuck am I?
Dark sky, I think I really died
Or am I in a dream? I wonder why
There's other boys sleeping on the side
With blood on their clothes
Look down, I see the blood on my own
See a shadow walking close
A man with a rope, and a can and a smoke
Creeping real quiet over beds that be broke
He said, boy get the fuck up
Your parents got killed last night, all you've got is us now
Stand up child, and walk with me
If you take this gun, I'll teach you quickly
How to shoot, and how to get revenge see
This world was made for men, like you and me
And here we've got everything that you need
Pussy, food, cigarettes and weed