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Artist: Armani of York
Album:  Child With a Gun
Song:   4 AM, Still Partying
Typed by: Vinyl and Gold Records


Everybody grab your drinks and stick up in the air right now ... You know
what's comin' next ...  Who's ready to party? Everybody grab somebody
... This Armani of York, let's get the summer jumpin'... 

Verse One:

We in the club tonight, so make it right
Girls bouncin' round, they outta sight
Just have fun, no need to fight
Well let's 'party', let me ignite you
Industry killer, just ask Michael
Cuz life repeats itself in cycles
Grab a drink, or the bathroom sink
Shake that ass girl, no time to think
Grab a friend, bring the passion in
Salt with tequila gotta smash it in
This Friday night, we drunk again
My crew with me and we always win
This 'Private Stock' is  what we sippin' on'
At Four AM, still get our tippin' on
Bouncin' round when we hear this song
So do the same girl, and get your party on


1 AM "get it", 2 AM "get it"
3 AM "get it", 4 AM "We still partying"

Verse Two:	

I can see your sweat drip, down to your hips
Then I see you shake it off, and pound your fist
Say Armani's the man, he's the business
Well you alright girl, you could be my mistress
But first, you gotta grab this ring and kiss it
And get low, like a motherfuckin' midget
Bounce on this dick, and ride with it
Head out to the telly, let me slide in it
Then I call up my man's, we ridin' quick
We the kings of the shit, we decided it
Rollin' round L.A, and we high as shit
Call up Kelly dawg, to find us some bitches
We run this city bouncin' round like switches
Tryin' to stay on the low cuz we dodgin' kisses
Travel round with the rock, like L.A Clippers
And we go on stage and we dance with strippers
Play a bitch like a violin do the dishes
When we get home girl, make you wet like fishes
And I'll beat that pussy up, like Sid Vicious/		

Verse Three:

Well I'm the Ace of Base
I face and place the cake
The weight mixed with bakin' soda
It was nice to know ya
The bubbles in the pot lookin' really hot
There's trouble stirrin' up the rock
Will circle 'round the block
And it won't stop until it drops
Like these bitches on the floor, just grind that core
Push that ass down, then bring it up for more
And go and show me what you got in store
Call you Wal-Mart, baby it's all there
I would kill for you, I'd bring the warfare
Porsche there, takin' you home, make 'em all stare
Pause there, speak French like Voltaire
Slide up to Paris, got a couple whores there
Bouncin' round to this song, it ain't wrong
Everlast, I bring the storm, you the calm