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Artist: Apocalipps f/ Bless, Iron Mic
Album:  Smokefest
Song:   Vote or Die
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Apocalipps]
Aiyo, hustle to stay alive, selling weed and dope
So I said, what the fuck, why vote? (fuck that)
I gotta sell dimes, and do crimes, and pack a nine in my coat
Them laws don't apply to me, why vote?

Aiyo, you probably gassed of Fahrenheit 9/11
My man got knocked for selling fahrenheit on 9/11
Shit it's all about the oils these days, fuck the benjamins
Another registrated to vote, come on, send him in
Now let me exercise my freedom of speech
I feel free to grab my fucking piece and shoot at the D's
I'm never free, but the parole board, let me breeze
Meanwhile on the streets, I'm still locked in the beast
When times is hard in the ghetto, we can't get no help
It's not a race thing, but I'm black, and my skin don't help
You probably saying, this kid Apocalipps is bugging
If I cut a politician, every time you cut the budget
Them Bastardz is thugged, from the Stat, rough and rugged
Since you gave me the chicken pox, I'mma touch your cousin
Since they let the Running Man run shit like Porsches
I figure I'll sell a bunch of albums, and I'mma run for office
I drop the prices on the coke, no cut on the dope
I legalize marijuana if you cash your vote
I burn the jails down, prisoners get your life back on
You treat him like an animal, then he gon' act like one
Everybody gets a second chance, no more tickets
Selling pussy is a business, make a profit off chickens
Apocalipps, look on the ballot, Ruthless, bitch
And I'mma be the next one to come and terrorize shit
No airplanes, no blades, no four/fifths
Just my pen and my mindstate to bomb this bitch


[Iron Mic]
Aiyo, check it, I'm not a republican, I'm not a democrat
Don't really deal with politics, yo, I ain't into that
So fuck the boys in blue, I run with men in black
We similar to the Panthers, how we pose with our gats
With the hoster in strap, throw it over my back
The shit I seen in my life, I put it on wax
Yeah, I'm stating the facts, the system is corrupt
So we keep it Ruthless, we ain't giving a fuck
All these laws don't mean shit to me
The mayor or the president, don't do shit for me
It's getting funky, ahh, it smells like shit to me
And if you can't see, nigga, check your history

Shit, and I'm balling for niggas who drop the coke prices
You vote for me, you can push your whip without a license
And clap hammer, system so loud so you can hear it
That man got my vote, he caught my ear
Had me rocking in grandpa's chair, I think I need a beer
Cuz my vote, mean a lot this year
I would never join an army, and play with you faggots
I'm on the block, with the bombs and the Saddam food packages
Ruthless, fuck ya'll