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Artist: Apocalipps f/ Beno, Blizzard, Iron Mic
Album:  Smokefest
Song:   Stress
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Beno]
Damn, Stress the fuck out man
I'm only seventeen and I'm losing my head man
Fuck, I got patches man

[Chorus: Apocalipps]
Yo when you wake up in the morning paranoid with the tech
Go to check your stash and you aint got shit left
Always gotta watch your back and you stay wit a vest
Nigga these are the signs of stress, So what's next
When your legal aid try to make you cop to a stretch
And you can't do shit your co-d confessed
Your hair fallin out and you lookin all like a vet
Nigga these are the signs of stress, So what's next

[Iron Mic]
Ayo picture a young teen posted up on the block
No respect for the law, No respect for the cops
You ever think the lil nigga prolly missin his pops
Mom duke strung out speedin chasin the rock
Older niggas tryna pump me, Got my hand on the glock
Got me stressed out, Next nigga front gets shot
I'm a product of my environment
I wake up early in the morning to hustle
I got my eyes on the finer shit
Fly cars, Diamond rings, Shit I'll prolly never see
But I'm knee deep in the crack game so I let it be
I'm under so much pressure I think I'm slippin B
Feel like I'm runnin from death, Won't let it get to me

[Prelude 1: Beno]
Stop tellin me that man, You don't understand my life man
You don't go through the shit I go through man
Nobody there to help me, But everybody got somethin to say
about how the fuck I wanna live, Fuck yall


Yeah, Why my pops had to nut for
I wish I got choked by my mom's umbilical cord
Comin up in this world diseased as a war
I got signs of stress nigga, That's cause I'm poor
Aint shit on my fork, Always in and out of court
Baby moms always stressin about child support
And pops used to tell me little nigga you hopless
No dough, On my door's an eviction notice
Eight niggas in my crib and they all sling work
Instead of payin that rent, Motherfuckers wanna slurge
How much can a nigga take, These are the breaks
On a run from police, Better put on your skates
Got two felonies and my life is at stake
And the judge tried to give me twenty-five behind the gates

[Prelude 2: Beno]
What you mean twenty-five to life, Your honor fuck you
You aint shit, I hate all you fuckin crackers


I life is a test, Then maybe you could say I failed
Did the crime, Time to do the time, Life in jail
I work for free, All day I'm swingin the mop
Plus I double bunk with Ock, This nigga stay blowin top
And I'm a non smoker, I don't gamble, No poker
These old timers play with they hands, I'm no joker
I'm a soul soldier, Ready to fight for the cause
I fight for my food, I fight for my boots, I fight for my drawers
Simple things, Some times we all hear screams
Puerto Rican, Black, White, But we all wear greens
The poor man's dreams, Gone within a blink of an eye
Just think you and I, Will make it to the streets in due time
And dudes get brolic, Think they got me shook
Yeah you work out but son don't read no books
If he did he would know he's just a commodity
Live stock property that's why we gotta be
Brolic in the minds, Cause if not that fails
What you gone teach your seeds, How to read black tales
Or blowin mack shells, Or better yet, How crack sells
And his destiny is written, He gone end up in a black cell

[Outro: Beno]
All yall motherfuckers listenin better learn from this
Look at me, Look where I'm at now, Ruthless Bastardz