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Artist: Apocalipps
Album:  Smokefest
Song:   Smelling That
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Apocalipps]
Chea, I'm ready

[Chorus: Apocalipps]
Push his fuckin shit back, I'm smelling that
You got a dub on a sack, I'm smelling that
Flip a brick and see it back, I'm smelling that
This is an un-cut track, Here nigga sniff that
You hit that bitch from the back, I'm smelling that
Got the Bacardi and the Yack, I'm smelling that
Do shells come with that gat, I'm smelling that
This is an un-cut track, Here nigga sniff that

First off before we start yall need to know something
Yo I aint tryna flop like Joe Budden, Clue let me hold something
Lipps gotta do Fab numbers, That's cause Lipps never had nothing
Tap me when the cabs coming, You fuck with Police, The ratchet'll spit
You got these jiggy snitchers wires be matching their kicks
And you can't tell me shit about doe, I bought a pound of Poovy
Flipped the shit fast and stepped it up to the dro
Now my persona, Shit I'm spending all this cash
I even bought Cappadonna new spinners for his cab
Whoa, I got the clippers in the lab
And the Bastardz with the ratchets that'll get up in your ass
And my problems I want too much paper
And your problem is, When you roll your Dutchs you use too much paper
And this track is like you sniffed a, Half, Ounce
Apocalipps, Bitch, Clap, Bounce
It's about to get crunk you besta hold your own
But I hope nothings wrong with your nose


You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight
Hook of a gum with a convict in a bathroom fight
And I will put this lead in your spine
And I heard you like to test people's gangstas
But don't let it be mine, Cause I aint got no gangsta in me
I got ranks up in me, Big guns like tanks up in me
When niggas bust and they miss I got they blanks up in me
Shit, Up in jail I kept shanks up in me
Drank some Henny, About a pound of dank up in me
And I got five years of motherfucking hate up in me
Rappers'll shine for a minute, Then they status'll drop
I'm like a pair of beef and broccolis, I'ma always be hot
And like an army jacket and skully, I'ma stay gutter
Like stay ripping anybody that front with box cutters
But I aint here to hurt nobody, I'm a peaceful man
That's till I spaze out and murk somebody
And I don't care about your guns or your set
The only time you held a tec is when you cursed at the ref
Apocalipps is on your tape, Niggas is picking it up
Lames be tryna bite my style but I keep switching it up
What, Right Truck like that shit is whats up
I changed the game, Here, Matter fact sniff this up


[Outro: Apocalipps]
Here nigga sniff that
Here nigga sniff that
Here nigga sniff that